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Draftkings Driver Salaries ARE AVAILABLE for the Drydene 400 at Dover International Speedway.

Draftkings Dominator Points

Drydene 400 at Dover International Speedway

400 laps = 280 Dominator Points

Laps Led

+100 Points

0.25 points for each lap led

Fast Laps

+180 Points

(0.45 points for each fast lap)


By Race

NASCAR race results that include each Draftkings scoring metric value and associated Draftkings points.

Draftkings Fantasy Points by Race

By Track

NASCAR race results aggregated for multiple (selectable) races at a specific track that include each Draftkings scoring metric value and associated Draftkings points.

Draftkings Fantasy Points by Track

By Start Position

Multiple (selectable) NASCAR race results aggregating Draftkings metrics and values based on Starting Position at a specific track.

Draftkings Fantasy Points by Start Position

Season Boxscore

Season aggregated Draftkings scoring metrics values and associated points earned by each driver for the 2021 Cup season.

Draftkings Season Fantasy Points Boxscore

Points Trend

Season aggregated Draftkings points earned by each driver for the 2021 Cup season plotted within eight scoring tiers.

Draftkings Fantasy Points Trend


Driver PREV Salary CUR Salary Change % Change
Quin Houff 4,500.00 4,600.00 100.00 2.22
Kurt Busch 8,400.00 8,700.00 300.00 3.57
Aric Almirola 8,000.00 8,200.00 200.00 2.50
Denny Hamlin 10,600.00 11,100.00 500.00 4.72
Ryan Blaney 9,000.00 8,400.00 -600.00 -6.67
Chase Briscoe 6,800.00 6,100.00 -700.00 -10.29
James Davison 5,200.00 5,200.00 0.00 0.00
Chris Buescher 6,500.00 6,600.00 100.00 1.54
Kyle Busch 9,800.00 10,000.00 200.00 2.04
Martin Truex Jr 10,300.00 11,900.00 1,600.00 15.53
Brad Keselowski 10,000.00 10,300.00 300.00 3.00
Christopher Bell 8,600.00 8,000.00 -600.00 -6.98
Matt DiBenedetto 7,800.00 7,800.00 0.00 0.00
Joey Logano 11,100.00 9,500.00 -1,600.00 -14.41
Bubba Wallace 7,000.00 6,900.00 -100.00 -1.43
William Byron 8,800.00 8,900.00 100.00 1.14
Austin Dillon 7,500.00 7,400.00 -100.00 -1.33
Michael McDowell 6,100.00 6,200.00 100.00 1.64
Ryan Preece 5,900.00 5,900.00 0.00 0.00
Anthony Alfredo 5,400.00 5,500.00 100.00 1.85
Kevin Harvick 9,600.00 9,800.00 200.00 2.08
Cole Custer 7,100.00 7,700.00 600.00 8.45
Ross Chastain 6,300.00 6,500.00 200.00 3.17
Erik Jones 8,200.00 7,200.00 -1,000.00 -12.20
Ricky Stenhouse Jr 7,600.00 7,100.00 -500.00 -6.58
Alex Bowman 9,400.00 9,200.00 -200.00 -2.13
Kyle Larson 11,400.00 11,500.00 100.00 0.88
Cody Ware 4,600.00 4,500.00 -100.00 -2.17
Josh Bilicki 5,000.00 4,900.00 -100.00 -2.00
Garrett Smithley 0.00 5,100.00 5,100.00 100.00
Ryan Newman 7,200.00 6,800.00 -400.00 -5.56
Corey Lajoie 5,700.00 5,700.00 0.00 0.00
Josh Berry 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00
BJ McLeod 4,700.00 4,700.00 0.00 0.00
Tyler Reddick 7,400.00 7,600.00 200.00 2.70
Chase Elliott 9,200.00 10,700.00 1,500.00 16.30
Daniel Suarez 6,700.00 6,300.00 -400.00 -5.97


These are provided for your reference and come from the official Draftkings NASCAR Classic Contest rules page. (Last Update 02/06/2021)

Place Differential +/- 1 Pt
Fastest Laps +0.45 Pts
Laps Led +0.25 Pts
Finishing Position Scoring
1st +45 Pts
2nd +42 Pts
3rd +41 Pts
4th +40 Pts
5th +39 Pts
6th +38 Pts
7th +37 Pts
8th +36 Pts
9th +35 Pts
10th +34 Pts
11th +32 Pts
12th +31 Pts
13th +30 Pts
14th +29 Pts
15th +28 Pts
16th +27 Pts
17th +26 Pts
18th +25 Pts
19th +24 Pts
20th +23 Pts
21st +21 Pts
22nd +20 Pts
23rd +19 Pts
24th +18 Pts
25th +17 Pts
26th +16 Pts
27th +15 Pts
28th +14 Pts
29th +13 Pts
30th +12 Pts
31st +10 Pts
32nd +9 Pts
33rd +8 Pts
34th +7 Pts
35th +6 Pts
36th +5 Pts
37th +4 Pts
38th +3 Pts
39th +2 Pts
40th +1 Pts

Scoring Notes

  • Place Differential = (Starting Position) – (Finishing Position) Example: If a driver starts in 20th position and finishes in 10th place then his Place Differential is +10.
  • A driver's starting position is based on his qualifying position. If a driver's qualifying position is disallowed, his starting position will be his new spot at the back of the race. If a driver's starting position changes between qualifying and the start of the race for any other reason (e.g. going to a backup car) the original qualifying position will be used to calculate place differential.
  • Points for Finishing Position and Place Differential will be updated in real-time during the race. Drivers will gain points as they move up in position and lose points as they drop in position.
  • Finishing Position is defined as the driver's standing order at the end of the race. Disqualifications related to same-day post-race inspection will not change a driver's Finishing Position, Laps Led, or Fastest Laps stats.

Lineup Requirements

Lineups will consist of 6 drivers.

Player Pool

The Player Pool will consist of all NAS drivers expected to be participating in the upcoming race. Occasionally a driver may be missing from the Player Pool due to injury or other unforeseen circumstances.

In most circumstances, once the Player Pool is established, including positions and salaries, the Player Pool will not be adjusted. In the rare event that there is a mistake within the Player Pool that would significantly impact game quality, DraftKings reserves the right to correct the mistake after contests have become available. This may result in valid lineups becoming invalid. This would most likely occur shortly after the Player Pool becomes available, far in advance of the contest start time, and participants who have entered contests prior to the adjustment will be notified via email.

Position Eligibility

Driver eligibility determinations and decisions around driver inclusion into the player pool are at the sole discretion of DraftKings. If a driver withdraws, gets substituted out before the race, or does not end up participating in the race for any reason, that driver will receive zero fantasy points.

However, if a driver begins a race and gets replaced (for injury or any other reason), the stats earned by the original driver and his replacement will count for the original driver.

Lineup Edits

Lineups may be edited at any time leading up to a race. Each individual driver will become "locked" at the scheduled start time of the race. A locked driver cannot be added or removed from a roster spot.

Canceled, Postponed, and Rescheduled Races

In the event that a race is cancelled before it begins, all player entries will be cancelled and refunded. If a race is postponed before it is scheduled to start and is rescheduled to a later time, DraftKings reserves the right to update contest start times to match the start time of the race.

Races are "known" to be canceled or postponed once their status is updated as such by DraftKings' NASCAR stats-provider, NASCAR.

Suspended or Shortened Races

If NASCAR suspends a race and the race is resumed within a week of the start of the race, then DraftKings will include the entire race to settle contests and render them final.

If NASCAR suspends a race and the race is resumed after a week of the start of the race, then DraftKings will settle the contests and render them final, provided the race is at least half completed. Otherwise, all player entries will be cancelled and refunded.

If NASCAR officially shortens and finalizes a race for any reason, then the statistics that are generated for the portion of the race that has been completed will be used to settle contests and render them final.