Testimonials and Reviews

Good Stuff People Have Said

"Love the cheatsheet - sent me from 7th place to 2nd this year - lost the league by 1 point - my fault not yours." -

Larry B.

"Just wanted to give kudos to the job you have done on enhancing your site with all the data that gives fantasy players best chance. Your continuous efforts show it is a labor of love. lol" -

Ray M.

"I am LOVING the Fantasy Racing Cheat Sheet - awesome stuff, thanks so much!" -

Joanie R.

"Love the site...use it all the time!" -

Chris H.

"I'm very impressed with your website and looking forward to next year." -

Jeff M.

"You are a big help. Many thanks!" -

Fabian C.

"I continue to excel...by making sure I sit in on your site for a couple hours study each week. I am still living and dying by this site dude." -

Mark L.

"First time using your brain storm, I think I'm going to like it. I'll see how I do in my fantasy league today. Thanks!" -

Bill A.

"Keep up the good work. The site is awesome." -

Jay S.

"I want to let you know, that I really like what you've created here. It's such a great wealth of information and all just a click away. Thanks for coming back with another great site." -

Frank I.

"Just keeps getting better and better every week. LOVE the practice stats!!!!! Used to have to go elsewhere to get those, not anymore! Appreciate your efforts." -

Connie T.

"Thanks for opening your site back up. It is my favorite NASCAR website. Tons of useful information to not only enlighten but confuse. Please keep up the good work." -

Bad Beagle

"Hey Darren. Like the way the cheat sheet is shaping up." -

Thomas H.

"This site just keeps getting better and better. Thanks for all the improvments." -

Perry H.

"Let me say this one more time man. You have got the real deal in this product of yours." -

Park C.

"LOVE the new wizard for loop data. One of my key statistics is the driver loop rating for the season so far." -

Cliff D.

"I really like the new site. I watch the races on the weekend but once Monday rolls around I'm full-bore into work until Sat. morning. It's nice to have a little inside info if you know what I mean." -

Steve H.

"Love the new stuff! I thought it was cool before but you totaly out did yourself. I just got into the Fantasy racing and its helping a ton. Thanks!" -

Kevin J.

"Thanks for putting the effort in to make your site bigger and better. This is my first year to view your site but I'm looking forward to letting it help me with my weekly fantasy picks." -

Rick M.

"WOW!. This new data really hits it on the head. Just wanted to let you know I'm VERY impressed with what you've done." -

David B.

"Just watched your video on You Tube about how to use the Loop Data Wizard. Excellent material and extremely helpful. I have already gotten much helpful guidelines from your cheat sheet for upcoming races but never used the Wizard. But I certainly will now!! Thank you for all your help!" -


"I am in 1st place in my league as a result of your hard work and I thank you." -

Jim S.

"I used your loop data and had a real nice draft in my keeper league." -

Michael M.

"I was hoping you would do something like this -- great job and you deserve whatever you make from your new site. Finally, a site built on stats from loop data!" -

Curtis A.

"I used a lot of the info that you had on the old onebadwheel site and I can say that it helped me win our NASCAR game one year. Over $2,000! I owe you a big thanks for your help." -

Randy L.