My Driver Finish Projections for the Quaker State 400 Presented by Walmart at Kentucky Speedway

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There are many exciting experiences I've had within realm of NASCAR. Shoulder-to-shoulder at tracks and events, and shoulder-to-virtual-shoulder with the pioneers of fantasy NASCAR inforamtion and forums online. Diecast Dude, PJ Walsh, Trouble in turn 2.

Writers like Jordan Bianchi, Matt McClung, Jeff Gutowski, Jordan McAbee, Steve McClearn and writer-turned-site-owner Ryan Rantz.

Gained many friends online who are subscribers to my website. Who sometime endure long and rambling replies when a simple 'yes' would suffice. Others, waiting and waiting for a reply. With the re-coding base done and continial improvements I want to make to this site, added along with daily management and code of the Driver Group Game, I sometimes get into the 'flow' and your emails sink down the inbox which is always leaking emails into it.

The wildest thing are the handful of emails I get through a season from people mad at me because, "the race times should all be the same" or want me to tell Darrell Waltrip or Jeff Burton to "shut-up" during the broadcast as if I held this power. I never protrayed myself as NASCAR and acknowledge the great help they've been to the ones, like me, who came under the access umbrella to the great work of the NASCAR Media Group.

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Someone famous in Source Title

Onebadwheel. Learn db and statistics. NASCAR had a little bar graph that I thought was so cool.

Yahoo. Data feeds for Gillette Young Guns campaign game.

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