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Looking for an edge to cash in on Draftkings and Fan Duel contests in 2024? Score big in Fantasy NASCAR games?

I have everything you need to create your own DFS and Fantasy NASCAR projections for CUP, XFINITY and TRUCKS.

Why Create Your Own Projections?

Only around 13-15% of players in Draftkings contests recoup their entry fee and walk away with money. If you don't mind 'breaking even' then that adds another 2-4% of all players. Not everyone can be following the same projections.

It's not about 'doing the work' to find the values yourself. It's about finding the values and 'keeping them for yourself'! Whether I'm playing with 50¢ or $50 in entry fees, especially when playing multi-entry games, I need to have confidence in my projections. That only comes when I create them myself.

Hi! I'm Darren Fauth aka NASCAR Geek.

I've been going to races from an early age (with local track driver George Miles, #83, back in 1977). With the #1 Kurt Busch 'Monster Energy' car at Bristol in 2021.

I'm the guy that develops and runs this site. I started with which evolved into A few years ago, as an essential side-project, I replaced the departing Yahoo Fantasy Auto Racing Game with

Since 2005, my websites have (secretly) been helping your fellow fantasy NASCAR and Draftkings competitors (yes, Fan Duel too) kick your butt, take your money, taunt and demoralize you. This is the 'edge' your friends will never tell you about...

AccuPredict Driver Projections

Since 2012, Accupredict consistently predicts seven or more of the top-10 drivers at most races. Each driver in the field is ranked according to the Accupredict algorithm. I track the Top-20, Mid-Tier and Low-Tier performance as well. These rankings are updated through the race weekend as practice and qualifying data comes in to take advantage of every data point.

I have all Accupredict's Driver Projection Results history here for you to see.

Statistics Wizard

Accupredict is a good starting point. Serious players dive into the magic of the Statistics Wizard where they can craft results from the Wizard that crunches thousands of rows of NASCAR data to find the hidden values.

The Statistics Wizard brews results from thousands of rows of NASCAR traditional race data and loop data

Cautions Closers Draftkings Points Draftkings Salary Driver Rank Driver Rating Cautions Fan Duel Points Fan Duel Salary Fast Laps Fast on Restarts Finish Position Green Flag Passed Green Flag Passes Green Flag Speed Laps in Top-15 Laps Led Lead Changes Long Run Speed Margin of Victory Mid-Race Position Momentum NASCAR Points Number of Starts Pass Differential Place Differential Pole Position Predicted Finish Quality Passes Races by Track Race Duration Race Laps Race Speed Running Position Short Run Speed Speed by Segment Stage Wins Start Position Top-10 Finish Top-15 Finish Top-20 Finish Top-5 Finish Total Laps Track Groupings Winner Wins

Ready to start improving your odds?



New tools developed to optimize your Daily Fantasy Sports NASCAR performance and create your own driver points projections.

Metrics specific to Draftkings and Fan Duel scoring helps highlight the strengths, opportunities and trends for each driver.

Statistics Wizard Weighted Metrics.

The Statistics Wizard is now more configurable, with more data points then ever before. Use it to develop your driver projection ranking theories by selecting only the metrics you want to include.

You can even add more weight or take weight from metrics that you use in your calculations.

Accupredict is NASCAR Rocket Science.

Accupredict is the premier driver projection calculator that continues to 'fly under the radar' as the big media companies tout how their algorithm 'nails it' in picking where NASCAR drivers will finish.

I've compared their results with Accupredict and if they are 'nailing it', then Accupredict is 'right on the money'. You choose which you want.

Rolling Average Graphs.

When staring at a table of numbers makes you think..."hunh?" That's when Rolling (aka Moving) Averages can help! What is it? Take the average of the last n values in a data set to get a series of averages. Chart them on a graph and many times that jumble of up and down finishes or (insert metric here) starts to show a trend.

NASCAR Experts Picks

Get weekly insight from the Fantasy NASCAR Experts! Mobile-friendly version of the picks for quick access. You make your picks along with the experts too. I take all subscriber picks and aggregate them to give the 'wisdom of the crowd' advantage to your fantasy NASCAR driver projections.

Custom Driver Groups

Custom driver groups let you focus on a specific group of NASCAR drivers when viewing statistics. It's putting apples with apples and oranges with oranges. Group drivers the same as a specific fantasy NASCAR game you play. Separate salary tiers of drivers in Draftkings and Fan Duel. The more you use it the more ideas you come up with and wonder how you ever played without it.

Loop Data Digital Statistics.

NASCAR Loop Data statistics from 2005 to present are databased. Average Running Position, Closers, Driver Ratings, Fast Early, Fast Late, Fast Restart, Fast Laps, Green Flag Passes, Green Flag Speed, Laps Led, Laps in Top-15, Quality Passes and Speed by Segment. Each of these do not have their own tool, but I will work with solid suggestions from subscribers to develop as they come about.

Traditional Digital Statistics.

Averaged values for Start and Finish positions across Top-5, -10, -15 and -20 have long been the staple of traditional statistics that fantasy NASCAR players have projectd how a driver may perform in a race. I have all these integrated in to every applicable tool. Many times with Median values as well.

Race Weekend Digital Statistics.

Not pdfs. Not lists. Actual digital assets that you can manipulate, download, slice and dice any way you want. Practice data includes 10-lap speed averages AND 5-, 10-, 15-, 20-, 25-, and 30-lap time averages. Qualifying, Pre- and Post-Race notes. Penalty reports. Combined practice data. Draftkings and Fan Duel fantasy points reports. Loop Data Box Score.

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"Five people in 17 years have requested their money back. That has to say something." - NASCAR Geek

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