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For the second week in a row, the winner of the race came down to a fuel strategy paying off in the last laps. NASCAR continues the summer series in the north this week as they return to Michigan International Speedway. This track is one of the fastest in the series, and the ability to find speed will be critical in determining the winner. The June race was filled with rain delays and cautions, and I hope this week’s race is easier to watch than the earlier installment.

From a NASCAR Fantasy Live perspective, my recommendation would be to front-load your lineup with the three best drivers and fill in the remaining roster spots with the best budget option available.

With the exception of a blown engine at Indianapolis, Kevin Harvick has consistently rewarded fantasy owners who have started him. He was a turn away from victory last week at Watkins Glen. Harvick led the most laps at the June race at Michigan before a botched tire from a pit stop shot him to a 29th place finish. Over the last five races at Michigan, Harvick has an average finish position of 7.4 and 91% of his laps have been in the top-15. Four of his last five races at Michigan have resulted in a top-5 finish. He has led the second-most laps and has the most fast laps of any driver in the series over this stretch. In 2015, Harvick has 19 top-10 finishes and the most laps led of any driver in the series. Kevin Harvick should be an easy choice to start your roster this week.

Joey Logano is coming off an impressive weekend at Watkins Glen and has enjoyed a streak of top-5 finishes. He finished in 5th place at the track earlier this year. Over his last five races at Michigan, Logano has finished in the top-10 all five times and has an average finish position of 5.4. His 194 laps led are the most in the series. In 2015, Logano has enjoyed 13 top-5 finishes and is third in laps led. Your lineup should have Joey Logano as one of its drivers.

Along with Logano, his Penske teammate Brad Keselowski is also a recommended choice for the second installment in MIchigan. Keselowski has a series-best 96% of his laps in the top-15 over the last five Michigan races. He finished in 6th place earlier this season. In 2015, Keselowski has finished in the top-10 13 times. The only drawback with Keselowski is that he has not led many laps at Michigan, and you may not enjoy many laps from this category.

With the first three spots taking up a significant amount of my team budget, the final two spots will be designated to budget drivers. Cole Whitt finished 32nd earlier this season at the track. In 2015, he has an average finish position of 28.4 including a top-20 finish. Michael Annett has two top-20 finishes in 2015 along with a 27th place average. Both of these drivers should provide enough value to warrant roster spots.


Fantasy Live on uses a scoring system that combines fast laps, laps led, finish position, and start-to-finish differential. In order to prevent us from simply choosing the best lineups each week, Fantasy Live uses a salary cap format. Our formula first calculates the number of Fantasy Live points earned by each driver over the past five Michigan races. Next, we divide that number by the salary cap figure to determine how many points to expect from each fantasy dollar. The end result is a number to predict which drivers are the most likely to provide value this week. Kurt Busch won the June race. Although he is off my lineup, we will use his numbers to further illustrate our formula.


  • Laps Led last five Michigan races: 89 equals 8.9 Fantasy Live points per race
  • Fast laps last five Michigan races: 46 equals 4.6 Fantasy Live points per race
  • Start-to-finish differential: Negative 6.2 equals (-6.2) Fantasy Live points per race
  • Average finish position: 16.6 equals 27.4 Fantasy Live points per race
  • Total Fantasy Live points earned per race: 34.7
  • Fantasy Live Salary Cap Number: $27.75
  • Fantasy points per dollar: 34.7 divided by $27.75 equals 1.25 points per race

Below you will find the points per dollar for each driver at the track. For rookie drivers with no track history, we will use their 2015 numbers for all their races to give you an idea of their value. Recommended drivers are in bold.

GROUP A ($25.00 or higher)

  • Joey Logano 2.39
  • Kevin Harvick 2.11
  • Brad Keselowski 1.57
  • Jeff Gordon 1.52
  • Jimmie Johnson 1.33
  • Jamie McMurray 1.30
  • Kurt Busch 1.25
  • Dale Earnhardt Jr. 1.18
  • Matt Kenseth 1.14
  • Denny Hamlin 0.88
  • Kyle Busch (-0.20)

GROUP B ($20.00 – $24.99)

  • Clint Bowyer 2.10
  • Paul Menard 1.88
  • Ryan Newman 1.67
  • Carl Edwards 1.49
  • Kasey Kahne 1.33
  • Aric Almirola 0.77
  • Kyle Larson 0.75

GROUP C ($15.00 – $19.99)

  • Greg Biffle 2.21
  • AJ Allmendinger 2.20
  • Tony Stewart 2.18

GROUP D ($10.00 – $14.99)

  • Danica Patrick 2.75
  • Casey Mears 2.44
  • Cole Whitt 2.37
  • Ricky Stenhouse Jr. 2.29
  • Trevor Bayne 1.84
  • Sam Hornish Jr. 1.54
  • David Ragan 1.35
  • Justin Allgaier 1.07
  • Ryan Blaney 0.15

GROUP E ($9.99 or lower)

  • Reed Sorenson 4.55
  • Timmy Hill 4.00
  • Michael Annett 3.18
  • Alex Kennedy 3.09
  • JJ Yeley 2.42
  • Landon Cassill 2.06
  • Josh Wise 1.94
  • Brett Moffitt 1.70
  • Jeb Burton 1.68
  • David Gilliland 1.41
  • Matt DiBenedetto 1.29
  • Alex Bowman 0.81
Fantasy NASCAR NASCAR Fantasy Live


I was glad to see Martin Truex Jr. and the #78 team pickup a win in the Pocono race last weekend, although this did not benefit me in Fantasy Live.

Like Pocono, there is not a driver who stands out in laps led over the last five races in Michigan. Several of the top drivers, however, have finished at the top of the standings consistently. I think the best strategy this week is to front-load your lineup with three of the top drivers and find value selections with the remaining two spots. This is not a necessary strategy, and Michigan is a opportunity for owners behind in the standings looking for an alternate lineup to gain back points. Michigan is a lower risk to swing for the fences than other tracks in the series because many drivers have seen success.

With an average finish position of 4.8 over the last five Michigan races, Kevin Harvick should be an easy choice for your lineup. Over the same time span, the best driver in the series in 2015 has the most Fantasy Live points per race. He also has a respectable 81% of his laps running in the top-15 and the best lap-to-lap performance data in the series. Over the long-term, Harvick has enjoyed nine top-10 finishes and 17 top-20 finishes. Based on the combination of 2015 success and historical success at MIS, Harvick has a high probability for success this week.

The next two picks for my lineups are Penske teammates who perform favorably in Michigan. Brad Keselowski is one of the most consistent drivers at Michigan. While he does not lead many laps, he is consistently running near the front of the field. Over the last five races at Michigan, Keselowski has spent a series-best 96% of his laps running in the top-15. Because he only has 40 laps led, he is fifth in the series in Fantasy Live points per race. His long-term numbers are not impressive, but I think the #2 car will find enough speed to stay near the top this week.

Keselowski’s teammate, Joey Logano, has led the most laps of any driver in the last five Michigan races. With 80% of his races in the top-15 and an average finish position of 10.6, you can expect the #22 car to run near the front. Like Keselowski, Logano does not have long-term consistency at the track, but has found speed since switching over the Penske. There are a couple of more cost-effective options like Greg Biffle or Paul Menard to consider, but the price difference was not worth taking the best drivers with the top-3 spots on my roster. With his current success, I will keep on eye on Truex in qualifying and practice.

The drawback to front-loading my lineup is that there is very little salary cap room to work with for the final two spots. Cole Whitt has a 26th place average finish position in two Michigan races. He has worked his way through the field, and his +13 start-to-finish differential provides additional value. I’m not thrilled about the options for the fifth roster spot. With a 30th place average, I will tentatively go with Michael Annett. I will likely save this spot for a driver who qualifies near the back of the field and go for start-to-finish differential. Brendan Gaughan can provide value with only a $4.75 cap hit if he can make the field.


Fantasy Live on uses a scoring system that combines fast laps, laps led, average finish position and start-to-finish differential. Fantasy Live uses a salary cap format to manage the quality of drivers who find our rosters. Our formula calculate the amount of Fantasy Live points earned by each driver over the last five Michigan races. Next, we divide that number by the salary cap figure to determine which drivers provide the most value. Greg Biffle is a top five driver at Michigan, but his inconsistency in 2015 scared me away from adding him to my roster. As a consolation prize, we will use his Michigan data over the last five Michigan races to further illustrate the formula.


  • Average finish position last five Michigan races: 8.2 equals 35.8 points per race
  • Start-to-finish differential: Plus 7.2 equals 7.2 points per race
  • Fast laps: 71 equals 7.1 points per race
  • Laps led: 102 equals 10.2 points per race
  • Total Fantasy Live points earned per race: 60.3
  • Salary cap figure: $19.75
  • Fantasy points per dollar: 60.3 divided by 19.75 = 3.05 points per Fantasy Live Dollar

Below is the Fantasy Live points per dollar for each driver in Michigan. This week’s recommended picks are highlighted in bold. We will use the 2015 numbers for rookie drivers with no track history. Good luck navigating through another week of your NASCAR lineup and feel free to discuss your lineup decisions in the comments.

GROUP A ($25.00 or higher)

  • Kevin Harvick 2.10
  • Joey Logano 2.03
  • Brad Keselowski 1.75
  • Jeff Gordon 1.36
  • Jimmie Johnson 1.29
  • Dale Earnhardt Jr. 1.25
  • Jamie McMurray 1.16
  • Denny Hamlin 0.96
  • Matt Kenseth 0.88
  • Kurt Busch 0.85
  • Kyle Busch 0.36

GROUP B ($20.00 – $24.99)

  • Clint Bowyer 2.20
  • Paul Menard 1.92
  • Ryan Newman 1.72
  • Kasey Kahne 1.53
  • Carl Edwards 1.38
  • Martin Truex Jr. 1.06
  • Aric Almirola 0.93
  • Kyle Larson 0.35

GROUP C ($15.00 – $19.99)

  • Greg Biffle 3.05
  • AJ Allmendinger 2.09
  • Tony Stewart 1.79
  • Ricky Stenhouse Jr. 1.52
  • Austin Dillon 1.36
  • Ryan Blaney 0.07*

GROUP D ($10.00 – $14.99)

  • Sam Hornish Jr. 3.08
  • Cole Whitt 2.93
  • Danica Patrick 2.54
  • David Gilliland 2.12
  • David Ragan 1.99
  • Casey Mears 1.94
  • Trevor Bayne 1.28
  • Justin Allgaier 0.29

GROUP E ($9.99 or lower)

  • Brandan Gaughan 3.58
  • Ty Dillon 3.27*
  • Matt DiBenedetto 3.20*
  • Michael Annett 3.17
  • Brett Moffitt 2.67*
  • JJ Yeley 2.61*
  • Mike Bliss 2.43*
  • JJ Yeley 2.23
  • Josh Wise 2.08*
  • Landon Cassill 2.02
  • Alex Bowman 1.93
  • Jeb Burton 1.80*
  • Josh Wise 1.38
  • Brett Moffitt 1.27
  • Mike Bliss 0.87

* Driver has no track data, and we are using his 2015 numbers.

Fantasy NASCAR NASCAR Fantasy Live

NASCAR Fantasy Live Picks, 2014 Michigan, Pure Michigan 400

Once the red flag cleared and the dust settled at Watkins Glen, we saw some exciting action in the closing laps between AJ Allmendinger and Marcus Ambrose. Allmendinger’s win translates to one less available spot for drivers without a 2014 victory. They only have four races to secure their spot in the playoffs. Michigan is a fast track and a challenging one to pick a fantasy lineup. There are many good drivers here, but no great ones. There are multiple directions to choose from, and there will be an opportunity to gain points this week.

My two favorite drivers this week, Kenseth and Harvick, are two of the favorites. Kenseth has not led many laps at Michigan, but has run in the top 15 for 79% of his laps since 2005. Over the last ten August races at Michigan, Kenseth has an eighth place average. Harvick’s team has been one of the best throughout the 2014 season, and he averages a 12th place average over the last ten August races. His team received penalties from Watkins Glen, but should not have much impact on the results. His average finish position is the sixth-best of all drivers at Michigan. As previous stated, there are many directions you can go this week, and starting Keselowski, Logano, Gordon, or Dale Earnhardt Jr. will not hurt your chances.

The third pick on the weekly roster has a great history at Michigan, but has experienced a mediocre season. Greg Biffle was initially off my roster due to his mediocre June performance. I chose Biffle narrowly over Larson or Vickers. Ultimately, Biffle’s performance was too tempting to pass. Biffle has the best average running position and loop data since 2005. He is also second in fast laps and laps led. My expectations for Biffle are to finish between 10th and 15th place with the potential for upside.

There is phenomenal value with some of the budget drivers this week. Justin Allgaier and Danica Patrick should provide value. I like both drivers, and could not choose them due to the salary cap. David Ragan only carries a salary cap value of $10.50. With a 19th place average over the last five August races, Ragan will not be a top driver. However, he will provide great value if gets close to his average. Michael Annett finished in 21st place back in June, and seems to be improving over the summer. Keep an eye on the status of Tony Stewart and Regan Smith. From a pure fantasy perspective, Regan Smith has a $7 valuation and a 21st place average at the track. If Stewart sits, you can substitute Smith and Keselowski for Ragan and Biffle and stay under the salary cap.


Fantasy Live on combines fast laps, laps led, final position, and start-to-finish position differential. In order to prevent us from simply picking the top drivers every week, Fantasy Live utilizes a salary cap format. The goal is to find value in your picks.

The salary cap formula for this article basically determines how many fantasy points to anticipate from each fantasy dollar you spend. Fantasy Live on has a scoring system that includes final position, start-to-finish differential, laps led, and fast laps. With a salary cap format, the system makes sure that we cannot simply start the top drivers every week. In order to identify the value drivers, this formula basically calculates the total number of points earned and divides by the salary cap figure. The final number is the number of fantasy points to expect from each fantasy dollar. Dale Earnhardt Jr. barely missed my roster this week, and we will use his Michigan data for further clarification.


  • Laps Led during last five August Michigan races: 51 = 5.1 fantasy live points per race
  • Start-to-Finish Differential: Plus 3 = 3 fantasy live points per race
  • Final position: 15th place average = 29 fantasy live points per race
  • Fast laps: Cannot be calculated with 100% accuracy
  • Total number of points per race: 37.1
  • Salary Cap Figure on Fantasy Live: 28
  • Final ranking: 37.1 pointes / 28 dollars = 1.33 points per fantasy dollar

For rookies who have not raced at Michigan in August, we are using their performance for the June race. Ryan Truex and Alex Kennedy have never raced here, so we are using their 2014 season averages to help give you an idea what to expect from them. See this week’s rankings below with highlighted picks in bold:

GROUP A ($25.00 or higher)

  • Clint Bowyer 1.81
  • Kevin Harvick 1.72
  • Kasey Kahne 1.59
  • Carl Edwards 1.57
  • Dale Earnhardt Jr. 1.33
  • Joey Logano 1.28
  • Kurt Busch 1.28
  • Jeff Gordon 1.26
  • Matt Kenseth 1.17
  • Brad Keselowski 1.16
  • Jimmie Johnson 0.89

GROUP B ($20.00 – $24.99)

  • Greg Biffle 2.30
  • Brian Vickers 2.16
  • Austin Dillon 2.02
  • Kyle Larson 1.84
  • Aric Almirola 1.62
  • Marcus Ambrose 1.44
  • Denny Hamlin 1.38
  • Tony Stewart 1.32 **
  • Ryan Newman 1.32
  • Martin Truex Jr. 1.30
  • Paul Menard 0.98
  • Jamie McMurray 0.87
  • Kurt Busch 0.14

GROUP C ($15.00 – $19.99)

  • Justin Allgaier 1.90
  • Danica Patrick 1.73
  • AJ Allmendinger 1.71
  • Ricky Stenhouse Jr. 1.42
  • Casey Mears 1.24

GROUP D ($10.00 – $14.99)

  • David Ragan 3.09
  • Cole Whitt 2.86
  • Trevor Bayne 1.25
  • David Gilliland 1.11

GROUP E ($9.99 or lower)

  • Travis Kvapil 4.06
  • Michael Annett 4.00
  • Regan Smith 3.00 **
  • Alex Kennedy 2.80
  • Reed Sorensen 2.29
  • Dave Blaney 2.17
  • Landon Cassill 0.84
  • Alex Bowman 0.59
  • Josh Wise 0.27
  • Ryan Truex 0.11
  • Joe Nemecheck 0.11
Fantasy NASCAR

2014 Michigan International Speedway, Pure Michigan 400

AJ Allmendinger is a virtual lock to make the Chase by virtue of his win at Watkins Glen this past weekend. This is AJ’s first win in the Sprint Cup series and it couldn’t have come at a better time. Once again the finish at Watkins Glen was exciting, with Allmendinger, Marcos Ambrose, and Kurt Busch racing for the win after a restart with only two laps remaining in the race.

There are now twelve different winners so far this season and it looks like all of them should be in the top thirty in points after the next four races. That leaves only four spots open right now that will go to drivers by points. Right now Matt Kenseth, Ryan Newman, Clint Bowyer, and Kyle Larson hold those final four spots, but that could easily change over the next four weeks with new winners, or even a poor finish in a race that could drop these drivers out of the Chase and put another driver into the final spot.


This week the series heads back to Michigan International Speedway for the running of the Pure Michigan 400. MIS is a 2-mile D-shaped oval track and it is very fast after being repaved. How much faster is it now? Kevin Harvick set a new track qualifying record in June at over 204.5 m.p.h. which is over 10 m.p.h. faster than the old track record. At these speeds, engines and tires are going to be at a premium this weekend.

Kevin Harvick: I am picking Kevin to win once again this weekend because he has been fast all season and he is due for another win. He has finished second in the last three races here and should be able to pick up that final position this weekend. I see this team coming with a very similar setup to what they had in June and they haven’t been having any mechanical issues lately. I think they have the correct setup to reduce tire wear while still be fast.

Matt Kenseth: Matt has won two races at this track and always seems to have a great car here. However, this season the Joe Gibbs Racing teams haven’t had the best cars and probably need to work on their aerodynamics more to be really competitive with the Hendrick and Penske teams right now. Matt should make the Chase no matter if he has a win or not because of his point standing, but I’m sure he would love to win a race and gain some valuable bonus points heading into the Chase.

Jimmie Johnson: Jimmie won the race here in June, but he has had a lot of issues over the past month or so. This team needs to figure out their tire issues before the Chase starts if they want to repeat as champions once again. With the speeds these cars will be running this weekend, there is going to be a lot of strain on the tires in the corners and a blown tire will end your day quickly.

Jeff Gordon: Jeff has always been good at Michigan finishing in the top ten in well over half of the races he has run here. That includes two wins, but he hasn’t won a race here since 2001. He did lead a bunch of laps here in June and came away with a sixth place finish in that race. This team has been consistent all year and that is why they are in first place in the standings right now.

Dale Earnhardt Jr.: This is the type of track that Dale should run very well at. He knows how to get off the corners and get back into the gas to carry that speed down the straightaways and that is the name of the game at Michigan. The way this team has run all year they have a great shot at winning another race this weekend. They are a legitimate title contender right now.

Joey Logano: Joey has one win at this track and has finished in the top ten in six of his eleven starts here. The Penske cars have been very fast all season at this type of track and this weekend should be no different. I look for Joey to qualify in the top five and have a car that is capable of winning this race. I think if they stay away from mechanical issues and penalties on pit road, they will have a shot at the end of this race.

Kasey Kahne: There are a couple of races before the Chase that this team has a good chance of winning and making it into the Chase. This is one of those races. Kasey has won a race here before and has finished in the top ten in almost half of his starts at this track. They have a chance to make the Chase by points, but I know they would rather win a race and take that chance out of the equation. Win and your in.

Greg Biffle: Greg has won four races at this track, but this season the Roush/Fenway cars have really struggled to find the speed on the intermediate tracks. Until they figure out why they can’t get the speed out of their cars that the competition is getting, I would stay away from these drivers on this type of track. Greg is only five points from the last Chase spot at this time, but would like to get a win and lock himself in.

Carl Edwards: Carl is already locked in the Chase, but they also have a Roush/Fenway car. They will not be able to win a championship this season unless they can find the speed on these tracks. The competition is too much better than they are right now and a poor finish in the Chase can spell doom for any driver with a three race knockout round.

Brad Keselowski: Brad is the other Penske driver that should have a fast car once again this weekend. They are all ready locked into the Chase and would just like to get a few more bonus points heading into the Chase. I look for Brad to qualify in the top five along with Joey Logano and if they can stay clean throughout the race, they should have a great shot at the end to visit victory lane.


Yahoo Driver Group A

  • Kevin Harvick
  • Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Yahoo Driver Group B

  • Joey Logano
  • Brad Keselowski
  • Denny Hamlin
  • Aric Almirola

Yahoo Driver Group C

  • Jeff Burton
  • Kyle Larson


  1. Kevin Harvick
  2. Joey Logano
  3. Dale Earnhardt Jr.
  4. Brad Keselowski
  5. Jeff Gordon

Dark Horse: Kyle Larson

Stay Away From: Greg Biffle

Fantasy NASCAR NASCAR Fantasy Live

NASCAR Fantasy Live Picks, 2014 Michigan, Quicken Loans 400

By passing Brad Keselowski in the final laps at Pocono, Dale Earnhardt Jr. has officially punched his ticket to the chase. Similar to last week’s race, there is not a historically dominant driver to pick this week at Michigan. This week, there are several viable options to choose from for salary cap racing. You will need luck on your side this week as we dive into the numbers at Michigan.

With many solid choices at the top, the strategy for this article is to find the potential sleepers first. Juan Pablo Montoya is crossing over from open-wheel racing this week and provides excellent value at $10. At first, Montoya seemed risky because of a concern about driving in an unreliable vehicle. Knowing that he is driving on the Penske team reduces this risk. Montoya is a bargain-pick who should be in your lineup.

Danica Patrick is the second-best sleeper option. Although she has been inconsistent in 2014, she passed twenty-four cars en route to a 13th place finish last June. She may not be able to duplicate her 55 points from last spring, but you should get value out of her $14.75 price tag. Other value drivers to consider include Landon Cassill and Travis Kvapil.

With the two sleeper choices identified, we can focus on the top choices. The driver with the most fantasy live points over the last five years is Carl Edwards. Edwards has only led 47 total laps during this time span. The 99 car is a consistent finisher at Michigan with a 6th place average over the last ten years.

Greg Biffle is a close second to Edwards in total fantasy live points. Biffle has led the most laps in June races since 2009 with 196 laps led. He has led 40 laps or more in four of the last five years, showing his consistency at the track. Biflle also boasts a 7th place average finish over the last five years.

With $25 remaining, the final salary car pick will go to Tony Stewart. Kevin Harvick and Matt Kenseth are expected to do well, but carry too high of a price. Smoke has improved since the summer races began with solid runs at Pocono and Dover. Stewart has averaged a fifth-place finish over the last five years.


Fantasy Live on uses a salary cap format for each race in order to prevent us from simply choosing the top drivers every week. Their scoring system combines laps led, fast laps, finish position, and start-to-finish differential. This formula calculates the total number of points each driver accumulates for a given race over the past five years. Once the point total is determined, we divide this figure by the salary cap total on fantasy live. We can then determine the number of points to expect from each salary cap dollar.

For further clarification, see the Michigan details for Greg Biffle below:


  • Total laps led last five June races: 196 (19.6 points per race)
  • Final position: Average position of 6.8 = 38 points per race
  • Fast laps: Cannot be calculated with 100% accuracy
  • Start to finish differential: Plus 6 = 6 points per race
  • Total points per race: 63.60
  • Fantasy Live Salary Cap Figure: $23.25
  • Fantasy points per dollar: 63.6/23.25 = 2.74

We will use 2014 totals for drivers with no historical data at the track. The points per fantasy dollar for each driver are below. Suggested drivers this week are in bold:

GROUP A ($25.00 or higher)

  • Carl Edwards 2.06
  • Clint Bowyer 1.69
  • Dale Earnhardt Jr. 1.65
  • Matt Kenseth 1.57
  • Kevin Harvick 1.39
  • Brad Keselowski 1.34
  • Jimmie Johnson 1.32
  • Jeff Gordon 1.13
  • Kyle Busch 1.12
  • Joey Logano 0.82

GROUP B ($20.00 – $24.75)

  • Greg Biffle 2.31
  • Tony Stewart 1.99
  • Denny Hamlin 1.79
  • Ricky Stenhouse Jr 1.32
  • Marcus Ambrose 1.30
  • Brian Vickers 1.26
  • Kyle Larson 1.21
  • Austin Dillon 1.14
  • Jamie McMurray 1.10
  • Paul Menard 1.02
  • Martin Truex Jr. 0.99
  • Ryan Newman 0.98
  • Aric Almirola 0.93
  • Kurt Busch 0.60
  • Kasey Kahne 0.12

GROUP C ($15.00 – $19.75)

  • AJ Allmendinger 1.46
  • Justin Allgaier 1.23
  • Casey Mears 1.09

GROUP D ($10.00 – $14.75)

  • Danica Patrick 3.73
  • David Ragan 2.19
  • David Gilliland 1.61
  • Cole Whitt 1.56

GROUP E ($10.00 or lower)

  • Travis Kvapil 3.54
  • Landon Cassill 3.23
  • Juan Pablo Montoya 2.94
  • Reed Sorenson 2.52
  • JJ Yeley 2.15
  • Michael Annett 1.73
  • Alex Bowman 1.41
  • Ryan Truex 0.76
  • Trevor Bayne 0.56
  • Josh Wise (-0.53)