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Jeff Gutowski

“Where is Jeff?”

“Is Gut’s writing his Fantasy NASCAR Preview this year?”

“I miss Gutowski!”

It’s long overdue. Any of y’all that correspond with me know that it may take 3 days, 3 weeks or 3 months for me to reply. (And yes, don’t worry it does weigh heavy on me the whole time.) But that’s another story.

What’s the story with Guts?

Jeff has decided that he needed a break from the long NASCAR season. He wants to step back and be a fan. And, probably do more fishing.

Jeff Gutowski. More Fishin’. Less Writin’.

One of the most reliable I’ve ever met

I looked back through my Gmail and found a steady stream of emails from Jeff saying, “I’ve posted my article”, that date back to June 6, 2008. I’m pretty sure that Jeff started writing his Cup Series Preview on my sites in sometime in 2007 from the emails content. That’s one of the longest relationships I’ve ever had. The key to our success?

We’ve only talked on the phone once. We seldom email each other all year.

Jeff Gutowski is on my short-list of being one of the most reliable persons that I’ve ever met. 36+ times a year for about 15 years he’s had his NASCAR Fantasy Preview posted here before the haulers had left the track or you’ve yet turned off the post-race show.

Thanks Guts!

If Jeff had a number I’d retire it. So, second best thing is I’ll retire the name Guts on my sites. If any other Gutowski’s come along that want to write, they’ll have to spell out their whole name.

Feel free to mushy, mushy up the comments section here and let Jeff know what you think.

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22 replies on “Jeff Gutowski”

Thanks Jeff, you were my go to in the early years of playing fantasy Nascar almost 15 yrs ago. Enjoy your retirement!

Thanks for the update. Been wondering where he was. Couldn’t find anything about him anywhere online. Glad he is not dead. Happy retirement Jeff! Any recommendations for experts that make recommendations in thus format? Analysis of top drivers at each track and then top 5 for that race? Not a DFS player, just needing player writeups and top 5 recommendations for each race. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks to Jeff in the past and thanks in advance if can help here.

Man, I hate to lose your insight and knowledge, but I certainly understand and hope you hang a “Big Un” on the water. Good luck and PLEASE feel free to come back anytime!!!!!!

Jeff I checked your column every week before I set my line up. You will be missed. Enjoy your retirement. Maybe we can head to reelfoot lake this month for some crappie spawners!

He will be sorely missed! But hey, after doing such an amazing job after all these years, he deserves a break.
Hope the fish are biting Mr G, if not, just check your premises. Good luck!

I miss your insight before each race. It would always help me form my teams. Hope you enjoy your time off.

I’m shocked this comment section is not overloading with comments about Jeff! Thanks so much for your years of help. I will miss the confidence your column provided me each week in making my picks. You will be extremely missed but it is definitely well deserved. Make sure there’s no holes in your net man, enjoy your retirement!!! THANKS!

First, I want to thank Rooster for letting us know of your current status, Gute!! Congrats!! But I want you to know when DGG finally opened, I automatically looked for your column in the Other Stuff section of the website! I thought it had been integrated into the Expert Picks, until Rooster’s notice. Yes, I would like to be the first to say I enjoyed your insights on who was mostly-favored in the races to come! I will certainly miss your inputs!! In meantime, I hope you haven’t rolled your fantasy wheels in respective garage(s) either!! Come’on, let’s play!! 😉 In either case, again, thanks Gute, for all the svc rendered!! Vroooom-vroooom!!!!

Thoroughly enjoyed & looked forward to your insights each week Jeff. Thanks and all the best to you. Go easy on the fish my man.

How am I going to play NASCAR Fantasy with out your help? Thank You for all your insights and suggestions. You will be sorely missed by NASCAR fans.

Enjoy you retirement. Maybe we will see you on Bassmasters!

I won’t lie, each week to start the season I’ve looked at the side bar hoping/expecting to find Guts expert fantasy advice but each time have been sad it wasn’t available! You’ve been a huge help over the years. Whether I took your advice, used it to help with a toss up or just read the article, I always started my fantasy week with it! So Guts, a very BIG THANK YOU goes out to you! Enjoy just being a fan!! The best sport going! Cheers. @RowdyRuTS18 from 🇨🇦

Thanks for the many years of NASCAR knowledge brother! There’s never a bad day of fishing but landing that big daddy bass makes it that much sweeter! Here’s to good times!

Thanks Jeff for all your help. I won ALOT of $$$ with your advice. You will be sorely missed.Enjoy your time fishing and family😎👍

Happy retirement Jeff!

I certainly appreciated all your hard work you pout into covering NASCAR all these years. Your passion for the sport was loved and appreciated by all.

Your previews were always on my short list of previews I would refer to before making my weekly picks!

Thanks again for everything! Enjoy the downtime, you certainly deserve it!

Jeff, I always read your writeups and appreciated the advice you dealt out. It. will definitely be missed but I can sure understand the desire to step back. Enjoy the fishin!

Thanks for all the hard work, enjoy your retirement. We all appreciate all you have done.

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