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2018 Kentucky Speedway, Quaker State 400

After another wreck fest at Daytona, will NASCAR try to change some rules to make it safer for the drivers? Did you as fans enjoy watching the race? I myself don’t have a favorite driver, but I want to watch the top tier drivers race for wins. Saturday night was almost like watching an ARCA race after about the halfway point with most of the top drivers either out of the race or damaged quite badly.

Don’t get me wrong. I am all for the smaller teams competing and having every team capable of winning a race, but does it really matter in the long run to the sport? We’ve seen some of these drivers win before, but with the way the playoffs are set now, can they really compete for a championship? I hate to say it, but no, they can’t. I would not have been very happy if I had paid a lot of money to do to Daytona for a weekend and have to watch that race.

By the way, congratulations to Erik Jones on fighting through all of the chaos and getting his first ever Cup win!


This week the series heads to the Kentucky Speedway for the running of the Quaker State 400. Kentucky Speedway is another mile and a half tri-oval speedway that is so predominant on the circuit. The first Cup race was held here in the 2011 season and there have been four drivers who have driven to victory in the seven races held here since that time. This is another Saturday night race, so make sure to get your picks in before your deadline once again this week.

Kyle Busch: I am going to pick Kyle to win this week for the sixth time this season. He has two wins, five top five and six top ten finishes in his seven starts here which is the best of the big three drivers this year. I think he rebounds nicely from Daytona and continues to keep the top three drivers on the circuit this year rolling through this weekend.

Brad Keselowski: Brad was very frustrated after getting wrecked early in the race at Daytona last week and I think he is feeling a little pressure by not having a win yet this season. The good news for him is that he has won three of the seven races run at Kentucky, has finished in the top ten five times and only Kyle Busch has led more laps than him at this track. This could be his week to pick up his first win and make sure he is qualified for the playoffs.

Joey Logano: Joey is still looking for his first win at this track in the Cup series, but he did win three straight races in the Xfinity series here. He has also finished in the top ten in four of the seven Cup races. This team hasn’t kept up with the changing track conditions when making adjustments to their car for most of the year, but this is a night race and that might help them a little bit.

Martin Truex Jr.: Martin won this race last year and we all saw how fast his car was even by itself last weekend at Daytona. This team might have found a little extra speed which will make them even more competitive with Kyle and Kevin. I think Martin comes in with a lot of confidence and is the driver that gives Kyle a run for his money this weekend even if we can’t count out Harvick.

Kevin Harvick: Kevin’s best finish here so far in his career is a seventh place finish which is not the best for him. On the plus side is that he has finished in the top ten here in his last five starts and his worst finish here was a sixteenth place finish which came in his first race here. He has won two Xfinity series races here in his career, so we know he can get around this track and compete with the other two for the win once again this weekend.

Kurt Busch: Kurt is another driver still looking for his first win of the season. He has finished in the top ten in four of his six starts at Kentucky with his best finish being a fourth two years ago. Last year he had an engine problem, but we haven’t seen those types of problems with any of the teams this year. We know Kurt will have the speed this week and if everything falls into place he could find himself in victory lane.

Clint Bowyer: Clint has really struggled at this track throughout his career. Besides finishing third here back in 2013, Clint hasn’t done much here. In fact, he hasn’t finished on the lead lap in four of his seven starts. He could come away with another of those top five finishes or even a win this week as he is the only driver other than the top three who has won at a non-restrictor plate track this year.

Denny Hamlin: It seems we talk about Denny almost every week as a potential winner of a race and something always happens to him to take him out of contention. Most of those things are self-inflicted on pit road, either by him or his team or they don’t make the right adjustment at the end of the races. In his seven starts here he has finished in the top five three times, but has been caught up in accidents twice. Not he most consistent driver here.

Jimmie Johnson: Jimmie has been looking a little better every week. He had some speed at Daytona last weekend and if we take away his last two starts at Kentucky when he was involved in accidents in those races, he has finished in the top ten in his other five starts here. I’m not sure if this team is quite ready to compete for a win yet, but they are getting better and could be inline for a top ten or possibly even a top five finish.

Chase Elliott: Chase must really be getting frustrated while looking for his first ever win in the Cup series. After sitting on the pole at Daytona last week, then getting taken out in an early wreck and watching fellow young gun Erik Jones win his first ever Cup race the pressure has to be building. The good news is that he finished third in this race last year and we have seen the improvements in the Hendrick cars lately. Could be a surprise winner this weekend.


Driver Group Game Group A

  • Kyle Busch
  • Martin Truex Jr.

Driver Group Game Group B

  • Kurt Busch
  • Chase Elliott
  • Jamie McMurray
  • Daniel Suarez

Driver Group Game Group C

  • William Byron
  • David Ragan


  1. Kyle Busch
  2. Martin Truex Jr.
  3. Kevin Harvick
  4. Brad Keselowski
  5. Kyle Larson

Dark Horse: Erik Jones

Stay Away From: Ricky Stenhouse Jr.

Big 18: Erik Jones

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thoughts on Larson this week? this is the type of track the 42 runs we’ll on & loves that high line & can make it work to his advantage!

Ran second here last year. His only top ten at this track and only time he finished on the lead lap. You still might be right.

I’ve been doing some studying this morning & think my roster may look something like this?
42 = 5 uses left
18 = 4 uses left
20 = 5 uses left
9 = 4 uses left
2 = 3 uses left
41 = 5 uses left in the garage…
uses are pending Kentucky race!

what do you think of this set up with the amount of uses left? I have guys ahead of me in my league that are either done with with 4 18 & 78 or are down to 1-2 more uses on the
“big 3”!

Great stuff…why 19 on your early roster?…10-1-20-21 for B….Way early for me. C i’m looking at 34 and Buscher…Ragan I feel I cant trust.

I think this is the week Larson will definitely be a good pick if not a great one in my book with exactly what u said the #42 running that high line and having that run and momentum off.He shouldve won that race week before last in my book,and had the better care.Hes my pick 2 win this week. Just my opinion and a driver beside the top 3 through pr the year

What do you think about Kenseth and the 6 car here? This has been a good track for Kenseth, 6 of 7 races finished in the top ten.

He didn’t run well earlier this year in any of the races he ran and I don’t see that changing here this week.

Love the previews, Jeff! What are your thoughts on Almirola this weekend? His numbers aren’t great here but he also wasn’t in SHR equipment in the previous trips. He had the best car at Chicagoland which is another 1.5 mile track although I’m not sure if the two are actually comparable. I’m currently looking at 14, 41, 10 and 20 in B- leaning on the SHR speed.

Five races and a best finish of 12th here. I think this is the type of track where he will run his best and you are right about the SHR cars. I am just trying to save some starts for him or I would have him in my lineup.

I think this is his best track type, but Byron is the one who has been running the best lately in this group.

quick ? Would you use the 1 of Jamie Mac here over the 9 of Chase Elliott? or the 9 over the 1? thanks!

as of now I have the 9 but I was wondering if I should swap him out for the 1 car?

McMurray finished 7th in each of the last 2 races here and Elliott finished 3rd last year. I guess it would depend on how many starts you had left for each and your strategy for saving starts.

I was comparing the 2 of them & the 9 has finished better than the 1 twelve times out of the 18 races ran & the 1 has ran better than the 9 six times! so I guess I’ll go with the 9 ran better here last year than J mac!

The 12 and the 41 have been the 2 consistently fast cars all season and of those I like the 12 better.

I have a huge lead (441) but still want to capitalize on top drvers in each tier to win the season.
Continue to use the hot drivers is what i am thinking, because they can go cold any time. Saving them and them performing poorly does you no good.

So, I can go with hot now and try to build my lead based on current performance and point lead.
Or, I can save starts with hot drivers and make my opponents catch up hoping that the hot / top scoring drivers score well when I decide to use them.

So, be aggressive and try to add to lead.?
Or, be consertative and save starts with those hot drivers and protect lead.?

Dice roll but interested in your take

The only reason you really save drivers is to keep them on your roster for the qualifying bonus and to have them available when they do qualify well for the laps bonuses you can receive. By using up a driver with 10 races to go you could lose out on points, but if you think you have a large enough lead and you won’t need those points then you can use them up.

How do you feel about the 43 this weekend? He is actually rated higher than I thought he would be.

The 43 hasn’t really been good anywhere this season and I am still hoping he starts improving. You can only use Bowman and Byron for half of the races, so you have to use some other drivers for the other half of the season. Tough to make the call on when you should and when you shouldn’t.

I have to pick 4 new drivers for the rest of the season. Do I stay with the top 3 horsemen or are they going to fade away?????

I don’t see them fading any at all. I would go with either Larson or Bowyer for my fourth pick.

I’ve picked Ryan Blaney for pole. Good choice? He was P2 in both practices. Although, I feel Kes and Ky Busch would be good picks as well for pole.

Guessing game as the track temps will be a lot different during qualifying than they were during the practice sessions.

Yes, Blaney even made a 10 lap run in the final practice and was second fastest there where Elliott never made a run that long.

Got Kyle Bush and Turex for one more race each before the chase. Which track suits each best. Thinking Kyle this week and Truex at Darlington. Thoughts?

You could use both of these guys pretty much anywhere. Truex is on the pole this week.

Well Mr. Gutowski what’s your line going to look like? Greatful for all your help!!

Just curious. How many leagues and how many teams do we have this year for the fantasy Racing cheat sheet driving game?

There are 1,244 private leagues and 149 public leagues. I’m not sure how many teams there are.

Jeff what is your thought on 21 over the 41 (5) this week for a start save? Other b drivers are 20, 1. Thanks in advance.

I really like the 20 this week, but the 21 might be able to do something.

Jeff so u would use the #78 over the #18 now after we seen practice and qualifying??,starts not an issue who would u start??

Sounds like there’s still plenty of Interest! Keep up the good work thanks for all you guys do!

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