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    Scoring issues...

    I'm looking at your league info right now and emailing you directly from my .. email address.
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    Past Season Results from League

    Go to your league and the About tab > Highlights. This shows you the season scoreboard for each season the league has been on DGG.
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    Adding Drivers

    Yes. He is in the DGG C Group and also available in the Commissioner Dashboard > Drivers - Driver Pool where you (the commissioner) can drag him to the group you want for your league.
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    Where is our friend Crashthe24?

    If you go to Crashthe24's profile right now it says: Last seen March 19, 2021. This being March 27 that is way too long for our brother to be gone with out a word. I was able to talk to Russell just a bit ago. You may not know, probably not many do, that he has begin dealing with the skin...
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    Adding Drivers

    They are there. That's another aspect of this AJ thing. He. Is. Already. There. This is from my Commissioner Dashboard for the DGG League. The Driver Pool shows drivers that are available but I have not put in any groups. AJ has been there (in the Driver Pool) since at least February 3, 2021...
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    Adding Drivers

    Hang with me to the end of this ramble Whoopy. Ya know, I guess I watched the 'road course ringers' never produce points in fantasy NASCAR during the 2000's and became indifferent to their presence and my desire to even consider to use them. Back then, everyone clamored to have road course whiz...
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    2021 Commissioner Change Requests

    Let me know what league you are in (ID is best) and who the commissioner is, reason for change and who to make commissioner. We'll work out the details from there.
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    Adding Drivers

    I changed a few commissioners. Glad to change more as I learn about them. The inbox is jammed packed with questions answered in the FAQs, in the videos and in the leagues themselves. The struggle to maintain calm and continue to waste time trudging through the trivial 'why? why? why?' emails to...
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    Adding Drivers

    So y'all know (and I think those of you that even somewhat know me know), I'm not 'knocking ideas down' by defending (explaining?) them, nor should the implication be that because something works as it currently does that it is such because I've thought it through and that is the way I want it...
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    Finding Team Name on Large Leagues

    Not so Senor Old Fart. Go to the short videos about How To for Players. That would make absolutely no sense for your team to not appear until after the first race (I actually can't even figure out what you mean by that :p...explain if the videos don't set you straight)
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    Adding Drivers

    RIP Bobby Hamilton
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    Driver picks

    I can't wrap my head around that argument SE. If you are second guessing yourself replace the driver with any other driver from the group, not just the spare you clicked to fill a spot to save your form. I could only see all season that I was uselessly putting Bench drivers in my entry every...
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    Adding Drivers

    Ok. He should be in the Pool. Refresh if on page. I'll look into who else is coming up I don't have. Or, let me know here.
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    Adding Drivers

    Hang tight, let me take a look.
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    Adding Drivers

    I unlocked the 'locked' setting for making changes to leagues. See if you can now see the drivers in the Driver Pool in the Commissioner section and drag them to the group you want. Be sure to 'Save' when done.