Kentucky Racing League 2024

Well its about that time again to start those engines and race for the 2024 Championship!! If you played in the old Yahoo game it's basically the same game. I give out trophies to winners of each race and at the end of the year I award the champion a trophy and the runner up as well with other awards at the end of the season. Can anyone compete with the 2023 Champion (FireBall MotorSports)

I know it says "Kentucky Racing League" but everyone from any state is more than welcome to join would love to have you!!

Again it's the "Kentucky Racing League" no password is needed but if you need the id# it 92 and the league is located in the Public choice for league.

Its free to play and looking forward to seeing you there!!

Thank you

Bluegrass Racing (commish)

I will also be running my Trucks Series and Xfinity as well. Info is below and thank you.

Kentucky Truck Series Racing ID# 2682
Kentucky XFINITY Racing League # 2670

Thank you and hope to see you there!!