4 race trophy dash is back


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races 1 thru 4 will get us started but we'll have a new 4 race dash beginning in race 5 / 9 / 13 etc...
we'll have a playoffs later in the year to crown a champ as well as a trophy for total points all season long.

league id# 2212
no password needed - public league

4 races with driver groups based on nascar standings (1-4 is last years final)
this gives us fresh groupings as people go up and down the ladder.
races 5 thru 8 will probably have a much different grouping based on nascar standings after race 4.
starts for each driver for the 4 races
group A (4 drivers)
elliot / keselowski / logano / hamlin
group B (7 drivers)
harvick / bowman / truex / kyle busch / blaney / kurt busch / a.dillon
so to start the seaon you'll get larson / byron / almirola / dibennedeto

hope to see you there


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even though we will have a new 4 race dash starting in weeks 5 / 9 / 13 ...
we will also have a playoffs.
anyone that wants to make the playoffs will have to play in at least 5 of the 1st 6 dashes. wild card round will start in week 25 dash.

league id# 2212 no password needed - public league


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Hey Crash,
What is the League id# number for the next 5 through 8 races.?

not open yet.
when you make a new league, it's populated with drivers.
i need to clear them all out one by one and re-do them to the different configuration.
that takes time which sucks.
then there always seems to be a driver that didn't get dragged and dropped right.
i'll get it done this week.
Sorry about that.! Don't mean to rush you just didn't realize you have to go through all this extra work for each segment that you have to set up.! this is a fun little league you've got crash and I do appreciate all the effort and time you put into it.!


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races 5 thru 8 dash league is open
league id # 2365
no password - public league
re-racked driver groups
hamlin / keselowski / larson / elliot
bell / logano / harvick / truex / mcdowell / kurt busch / byron

C's everyone else including...
bowman / blaney / kyle busch