Commissioner change request


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there will be a way to have co-commissioners once the site is running.
the main page says "soft launch" so he can work some bugs out.
as of now, the commish pages aren't working yet.
if you can't get your old commish to designate a CO-COMMISH, you'll have to start a new league on your own and try and email the members.


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The Commissioner is no longer playing. How do I change the Commissioner

Which League WB? I can make the change for you. Will you be the commissioner? What is your team name? Actually, what is your User ID? It is next to your name on the My Dashboard page. Also, the League ID is next to the league name in the accordion and on the league's pages itself.


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Wayne - I think I spaced out on this? I just made the changes to make you commissioner. Check it out when you can and let me know if all good on your end. When you go to the League click the About > Rules and you should see blue boxes with messages to the Commissioner (you) on how to edit things.