NASCAR Loop Data Speed by Segment - 2020 Season Ranking

  • All Active Drivers
  • with 25th or better Average Speed by Segment
  • (31 Races selected for use in data set.)
NASCAR Loop Data Speed by Segment Season Ranking
AVG DRIVER 12345678910111213141516171819202122232425262728293031
12.3 Aric Almirola 6 999 30139913517244172362211695284224161363214119
10.0 Brad Keselowski 5 999 12937410101968121212101681331439125111219226
14.0 Clint Bowyer 2 999 2919231082402212415142316188916151115564122913136
8.7 Denny Hamlin 14 999 152010293415925281154121522233171541218
12.7 Jimmie Johnson 999 10274163817512511325142121 999 424251311125987101811

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