My Driver Finish Projections for the Big Machine Hand Sanitizer 400 at Indianapolis Motor Speedway

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NASCAR Loop Data Fastest Laps Run

Indianapolis Motor Speedway

PRO TIP: There is a correlation with the NASCAR Box Score metrics of Laps in the Top-15%, Laps Led, Mid-Race Position (50%) and Average Running Position that go along with a drivers performance in Fast Laps. For this reason I've included those metrics in the Fastest Laps Run table below. Use those additional metrics as you will in helping your driver projections. Particularly as it relates to winning your Draftkings competitions where each Fast Lap is awarded 0.5 points. In Draftkings, Fast Lap points can attribute around 20% of a winning entry's total fantasy points.

Manufacturer Performance: Percentage of fast laps by manufacturer in the races in the data set.

  • All Active Drivers
  • (18 Races selected for use in data set.)
NASCAR Loop Data Fastest Laps Run - Indianapolis Motor Speedway
Driver STS Races Laps Fast % Fast HI LW AVG Fast MED Fast %T15 % Led AVG 50% AVG RUN
Alex Bowman 14 7 3,822 33 0.9% 18 1 2.4 3.0 34.5% 0.0% 23.4 20.6
Aric Almirola 18 11 4,429 132 3.0% 40 1 7.3 4.0 48.1% 4.0% 14.1 16.1
Austin Dillon 17 11 4,105 80 1.9% 18 1 4.7 3.0 29.3% 0.0% 22.2 20.9
BJ McLeod 7 1 1,379 1 0.1% 1 1 0.1 1.0 0.1% 0.0% 34.9 34.5

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