My Driver Finish Projections for the Alsco Uniforms 500 at Charlotte Motor Speedway

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NASCAR Race Winners by Track

California State Fairgrounds

Current Manufacturer Performance

Percentage of race wins by the current manufacturers of all the NASCAR Cup races at California State Fairgrounds.


% of Wins


% of Wins

NASCAR Race Winners by Track - California State Fairgrounds
# Date Race Winner ST # PRMY Sponsor Make Laps LD CHNG RCE SPD CTN CTN Lap
6 09-1961 1961-45 Eddie Gray 0 98 Eddie Gray Ford 100 1 0.000 0 0
5 09-1960 1960-37 Jim Cook 1 0 Floyd Johnson Dodge 100 0 70.629 0 0
4 09-1959 1959-39 Eddie Gray 19 1 Vel Miletich Ford 100 0 54.753 0 0
3 09-1958 1958-44 Parnelli Jones 1 97 Vel's Ford 100 0 65.550 0 0
2 09-1957 1957-43 Danny Graves 1 81 Danny Graves Chevrolet 100 0 68.663 0 0
1 07-1956 1956-32 Lloyd Dane 15 225 Lloyd Dane Mercury 100 0 74.074 0 0

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