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AccuPredict Driver Projection Results

NASCAR Cup Series

This is a historical results' page analyzing Accupredict's accuracy in driver projections. A novel idea, right? Checking how accurate an experts projections are.

NASCAR All-Star Race @ Texas Motor Speedway

Race #0 of the 2021 NASCAR Cup Series Season - June 13th, 2021.

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Driver FIN RNK RNK +/- PRJ FIN PRJ +/-
Alex Bowman 6 13 -7 14.63 -8.63
Austin Dillon 19 11 8 13.04 5.97
Brad Keselowski 2 9 -7 12.25 -10.25
Chase Elliott 3 6 -3 11.03 -8.03
Christopher Bell 11 12 -1 13.78 -2.78
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