yahoo NFL pickem league with lots of DGG players (head to head)


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bones runs a great yahoo NFL pickem league and we're short a few players to make 32 teams.
it's head to head each week using confidence points.
we've got many DGG players, so a few more would be great.
get in by wednesday night if possible.

league id# 6567
password is 123456

also there is a survivor contest that checkered past runs with many DGG players in there on yahoo.

league id# 2116
password is doordie (do or die, no spaces)


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only one or two slots left if you want in.
sometimes players will drop out after a few weeks because they forgot to make picks so jimmy should have a standby list if you're 33rd on the list with 32 teams.
last chance.
last years champ was some guy named crashthe24 from the DGG game.