Phoenix Championship race thread...


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Ended up w/ 308 by using the 19-5-24-23. Also cracked 10K in the DGG league. Which marks 5 straight years cracking the 10K mark. It use to be a high honor but idk it not what it use to be say 10 years ago. Guess as the sport get superior talent, the easier it is

Not gonna lie, I step back a lot from Fantasy NASCAR here in 2021. I stopped writing articles and I stopped doing research. Even more eye-opening, I really didn’t miss it that much. Might be it for me honestly. Not sure if I will play in 2022. We shall see. Happy Holidays and hopefully a great 2022 cheers
i will say that it's nice having fans in the stands again.
watching another season with empty stands would've been tough.
definitely don't plan my day around the races anymore.
i find the MRN radio broadcast helps me watch football and listen to the race.
times are a changing.
hope you make it back.


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Now that the season is over (In my opinion) there were 3 possibly 4 ugly races where NASCAR really messed up and caused it to be ugly.

1-Bristol dirt
There may be a fourth Loudon Nh

Less than 3 months until the next generation of cars will be on the track and new Super Stars for the year 2022 will appear.
All have a great holiday season and stay healthy.


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NGL when I first heard Kevin Harvick was coming on Race Hub last month, I thought maybe he had opted to quit. Nope. It was Gearwrench announcement. Harvick tells me he fully plans to race at least thru 2023 (his contract runs through 2023).