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Totally Agree

so I watched that video again
There is one shot of the driver side of blue Ford. I think I saw exhaust outlet on driver side. So instead of the exhaust collector only on R side of car, guessing that the difference in exhaust tone bc the car running true duel exhaust. Both exiting from R and L thru the rocker panels or skirts.
What y’all think????

im not a crap talker
I totally nailed this exhaust note difference.
From the Tweet above


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That under carriage ‘belly pan’ reminds me a whole bunch of the honorable Smokey Yunick67 Chevelle innovations.
saw show on the same way back….
‘And a lonely Chevy Chevelle on the pole surrounded but Fords and Chryslers” the narrator said.

stated on show but didn’t see anything on this link that the aerodynamics of a belly pan for faster top speed