IRacing vs. the real thing

Swervin Ervin

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Hello all after watching the talledega race ive come to the conclusion that I would of been better of just going by the iracing results. It was something to see a keslowski win and a logano flip(roll) in both.
So I looked at both the bristol dirt and talledega results in both the ir race and the real race. It was shocking to see how identical they were in some areas.
First the IR finishes are in bold along with the real race result.

Bristol Dirt
First off picking an A driver would of been logano because he was the only to make the final as an A driver. So if I would of picked him and it would of been good because he won.

Then the B drivers that did best in IR was bryon (1) ( 6th in real race) and reddiick(2 nd) ( 7th in real race).
Then for my C driver I could of picked Preece(16) (18th real race) or mcdowell (18) (12th in real) I know that houff did get 11th in the ir race but even so there would be no chance of me even thinking about using him in the real race.

For Other drivers( not all ) it seemed close also. LIke.... Buescher 13(14th real) and Dibendetto with 17 (13th real).
These picks above were the closest picks. All others were not close but like I said earlier if I would of just went with the top IR results in each group( logano,byron,reddick and preece; it would of been a good score, unlike what i did score.

Next the Talledega race was not so convincing EXCEPT>>>> in a few areas.
We all know about the keslowski win in both the IR and the real race; and the scary part though is the logano flip in both.
Now remember the IR race was before the real race. How accurate (lucky) was them two things to be the exact.
OK I mentioned the A driver of keslowski winning and then Ill skip to the C driver of mcdowell 6 (3rd in real). Like above a c driver( hill ) did do better than mcdowell in the ir race but like i said before at top; there would be no chance I would of picked hill for the real race.

OK Now the B drivers were not so lucky.... Bell 2 (17th in real) Kyle B 3 (18th real) so them two.... ehhh not to bad( hey they finished; right) :)
Bowman who finished in 5th in the ir race was at the bottom in 38th.(unfortunatlly I wasted a pick on him here)
THEN >..... finishing out the top ten in the IR race was Custer 9 (10th in real) and A. Dillon with 10th (8th in real) These two were very close to being the same also.

So in conclusion; maybe for the next Daytona race I go with the IR results. After all it could not be any worse than my talledega score (210)... right?

Sorry so long. something to think about till Daytona !🤔

Swervin Ervin

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I am definatly glad that real racing is back. Maybe I should of titled this forum better. I was just bored and looked at the differences of real vs fake.
Trying to decide maybe to use my superspeedway picks through the iracing results. lol