Darlington race thread...

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Well, my picks on a lot of fantasy teams are pretty random! Dgg fairly straight forward.. A lot of drivers I wanted to take ( or start ) start at the back.—-not sure about starting ”parts cars”. They don’t seem to be as dependable as backup cars we are used to seeing! Guess we will see!

Thanks to you guys who post good info!


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not sure i like races that finish after 7. kinda throws the day out of whack.
evening races that start at 7 or so are easier to plan around.

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That was brutal, started 5-1-3-43... Worst week so far this year but, still not as bad as Indy a few yrs ago.....
Agree! BRUTAL! Started 5-1-24-43 on most teams. It may not be as bad as Indy ( a few yrs ago) but it was close! I’ve had more bad races this year in the 1st 11 . —-practices don’t tell you a lot And with this new car you can’t necessarily go with driver histoy —driver averages