Cup 4 race trophy dash leagues.


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i was going to have a truck trophy dash league but Darren hasn't set up custom leagues for trucks yet, (Just the DGG group for trucks)
with my health not back to 100 percent, i'm cutting back on what i'm doing this season.
we'll have a CUP 4 race trophy dash league in a shortened season.
we'll skip Daytona because many people forget to join week 1 and then they have no shot at winning.
races 2 thru 5 is group id# 2456 (no password needed)
races 6 thru 9 is group id# 2458 (no PW)
races 10 thru 13 and 14 thru 17 are not set up yet.
driver groupings are based on Nascar standings so week 6 league won't have driver groups set until after week 5.
we'll have 3 (4) race dash winners and 5 wildcards that advance to the playoffs in races 14 thru 17.
format is...
2 starts for each driver for the 4 weeks.
A - 4 drivers
B - 7 drivers
C - everyone else so you don't have scrubs in C

no cost to enter but just bragging rights for prizes.
trophy for your profile page.


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BUMP. we start this Sunday at California.
for those that want to try something a little different.
we'll also be done by week 17 this season so not a long term commitment.


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playoffs are trophy dash races 14 thru 17 (league id# 2613) no password needed

updated season long points. all 8 playoff spots were the top in points because the dash winners were all in top 8 in points.

dash winners have an *

1) 4000 species **

2) 3857 crashthe24

3) 3834 walkertexasranger *

4) 3821 young guns

5) 3803 minnesota

6) 3791 ank

7) 3768 borg *

8) 3766 sprinter

--------------------------- playoff cut line

9) 3709 oldguyjk

10) 3668 juneau

11) 3613 barneyfred

12) 3574 bones