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Inspection prior to the Cup qualifying heat has been completed. There were no multiple failures. Tomorrow: •Teams have the option of staying in impound or getting their car back to make adjustments. •If a team chooses to make adjustments, NASCAR will reinspect those cars.


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An example of how pick 3 was.( this is to help remind pritsi on how she did this)

# 5 Larson looks to be the favorite this week on the dirt.

# 23, 000 yards of dirt was used to fill in the bristol track.

# 34 Mcdowell is more of a road course guy; lets see what he can do on the dirt!

Pritzi did this alot better with her knowledge and info on what three numbers she came up with to use. For example on my info; everyone would guess who would finish at them positions. ( 5, 23, and 34 the positions).

If someone got the exact position right then they got 10 points or something and if no one got lets say the position 5 spot, then points would be gave to the closest at spot 5.( belive this was 5 points) All three spots were done like this. The most someone could get a week was 30 points. We usually did that for each segment. There would be segment winners and overall winner at end of year.

If I am wrong on any of my info, please correct me. Like I said; I was just trying to remind pritsi on how she did it.

If I missed anything, or if anyone would like to add to the info; be my guest

I answered you on another thread (Dega?). I just pulled numbers out of thin air for segment 1, 2 & 3 and you had to guess which driver would finish there...closet without going over. No skill involved, only luck


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Hey Everyone!!!!!!

Between Covid/short staff/TX freeze claims I just didn’t have time to check if site up again (I did check many times b4 Crashtona)

got my act together and re-joined

pretty much concentrating on DK/slingshot bc of craziness at work
Dead last in SL....ugh......weeks behind the

REALLY looking forward to this race
There is no data!!!!!!!
like Dandr always says
Use Your Gut!!!!

gonna be fun
Missed everyone

So glad you are back & Wyland :)..... I see you dropped the 42 like CGR😂😂😂


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I guess the real question is do I stick with the NASCAR regulars or go with some of the dirt track drivers :unsure:

Haven't gotten through all the pages so i dont know if this has already been answered but I would go with those that know their Larson Just my 2 cents. Not much can happen on a dirt track, short track so speeds are lower & damage caused in wrecks is minimal. Every car will have the crap beat out of it but nothing a hammer & duct tape cant fix. those collected in "wrecks" usually just get spun. You gotta go with the driver that knows how to hang on & that comes from those who were raised on it.

The real unforseen hazard at this Bristol Race is visibility. These drivers aren't use to driving through this sort of mess & cloud of dirt. even worse, are the drivers spotters....their visibilty is really impaired . In fact, the broadcasting is so obstructed by the dirt, it is hard for the viewers at home to see what is going on. I bet you dollars to donuts that the broadcasters & drivers main chatter today will be visibility. So getting back to your original question, go with drivers that are prepared for obstructed visibility ..... JMO

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Due to overnight weather and forecast, the Sullivan Co. flood warnings and safety concerns, NASCAR has postponed all of Sunday’s on-track activity.
The NASCAR Camping World Truck Series Pinty’s Truck Race on Dirt will now take place on Monday at Noon ET on FS1, MRN and SiriusXM NASCAR Radio.
The NASCAR Cup Series Food City Dirt Race will now take place on Monday at 4 p.m. ET on FOX, PRN and SiriusXM NASCAR Radio.

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