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Swervin Ervin

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Being from the st.louis area; Im going to love to see the cup series come to madison. Truck races are cool, but this is going to be great!
May be going to two races in a row. We already got our tickets for the coca cola 600. We loved that track when we went to visit it and took a tour of it.


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That's huge for the city!
I will definitely be there, love the track and the facilities around it
The golf course next door is badass as well

See you there...
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Swervin Ervin

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im guessing speeds wont be that great at the coliseum. lol
My son said that a few people have already tried that on iracing. Think he said nascar on fox utube channel/

I dont like the dirt track either; but I do like that they took one of the pocono races away