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    Championship at Phoenix thread...

    Interesting.!? 💯
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    Richmond race thread...

    It's a good thing ty Gibbs is there to take over the 45 car that way he gets all this practice and be ready for next year to go to the 18 car.!? Lol
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    Pocono race thread...

    Kurt Busch is out for this race in Pocono ty Gibbs is stepping into his car.! So if you keep Kurt Busch will you receive the points from Ty Gibbs.? Don't even know if I want to take a chance on that probably move on to another driver.!
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    Atlanta race thread...

    Plus they repave the track change the track and they get no practice really That's a bad call on NASCAR's part they should have at least a 1 hour practice session before they go to qualifying.!
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    Nashville race thread...

    Just seen a post from Bob Pockrass saying they're moving the race up 12 minutes so it should start at 5:11 because of rain.!
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    Sonoma race thread...

    Still got a long ways to go and it's going to get interesting just to see where the hundred place in the DGG league ends up with points after the final race at Phoenix.???
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    Coke 600 thread...

    The best racing day of the year no one can argue with that The top three F1 first the Indy 500 second then are beloved Coca-Cola 600 third it doesn't get any better than this.! 💯👍😉🇺🇸🏁
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    Coke 600 thread...

    With these low profile tires and running low air pressures That's just stupid on the teams part to even try to do that because you see the problems it creates.! But it's still learning curve.! 💯😉
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    Texas all star week thread...

    Tell me something why would you waste your time and money going to any track to watch a 💩show? Now if NASCAR really cared to put out a quality show for the fans who worked their butts off to try to make a living in this day and time with high gas prices inflation and everything else.! Maybe...
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    Coke 600 thread...

    Hopefully it'll help because the last couple of tracks they went to this tire cluster is getting to be too much.!!! 💯😲😖
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    Darlington race thread...

    I had some good luck with picking Haley in the c group over lajoie I just wish I picked him and all my leagues.! 💯😉🏁
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    Darlington race thread...

    All 9.! Haven't really looked too hard at using Lajoie yet..
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    Darlington race thread...

    Yes it is impressive going to have a new milestone this year.! 💯👍🏁
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    Nascar Bracketology 2022

    How's it going Richard. You get them two players yet.?
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    Don't forget to go on the forum either a lot of people can see your message there.!
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    Get some sleep buddy Will do this again tomorrow I don't know if you posted on my board but do it I'm going to try and help you out all I can.!