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  1. Barneyfred

    Daytona night race thread...

    So how many others got this email yesterday?? Driver Group Game Race #26 - Daytona Hi fantasy NASCAR player, The Cup Series will qualify on Friday at 5:05pm ET for the race Saturday night. This is one of the weeks we get to make picks after the lineup is set, for what that's worth since...
  2. Barneyfred

    New Group for the Championship Races

    Still time left to join in. Great group!!
  3. Barneyfred

    Auto club (California) race thread...

    Thanks for the butt-kicking in Bracketology this week!!
  4. Barneyfred

    lucky dog leagues?

    I think I see your problem. I am in 1 league that uses the lucky dog. Are you looking at the standings at the bottom of your home page? This does show all zeros, however if you click on the standings tab at the top it will show the current standings with Daytona's scores. Starting next week that...
  5. Barneyfred

    Nascar Bracketology 2022

    Great league. You will not be disappointed!!
  6. Barneyfred

    Next Gen Car Thread & Info....

    Found this to be interesting
  7. Barneyfred

    Where is our friend Crashthe24?

    Great news to hear Russell. Go Lightning!!
  8. Barneyfred

    Kansas thread

    IMO, I don't believe in having a bad pit stall, but I do look at those who have an advantage with either an opening behind or in front of them. We all know about the advantage of the the #1 pit stall.... looking at the chart above, the 7th & 8th, 17th, 18th, 20, 23 27, 28, 37, 38 & 41st pit...
  9. Barneyfred

    Where is our friend Crashthe24?

    Bring Scooby snacks!!
  10. Barneyfred

    Where is our friend Crashthe24?

    Glad to hear you have made it home, there is no better place to be. Keep fighting the good fight!!
  11. Barneyfred

    Where is our friend Crashthe24?

    Ruh-Roh, my identity's been compromised!!
  12. Barneyfred

    Where is our friend Crashthe24?

    Get well soon Crash Take care of yourself and get back when you are able.
  13. Barneyfred

    Nascar Bracketology 2022

    Great league, lots of chatter on the message boards. You won't be disappointed joining this league.
  14. Barneyfred

    Welcome Back..

    You can not enter just 4 drivers, must be all 8... I just tried it, wouldn't accept.
  15. Barneyfred

    The DGG Main League..

    Did you try clicking "Join League" tab... DGG is the 1st one listed.