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  1. Pritzi

    NASCAR 2022 Highlights

    This may top JPM & the Jet Dryer.... never scene the whole engine gone ..... unbelievable
  2. Pritzi

    Pritzis Pick 3 ...Public League #2528...WIN VINTAGE NASCAR JACKETS (FREE)

    Just formed league today & its my first time ever having my own league where I run my fun contests . FREE LEAGUE TO WIN VINTAGE NASCAR JACKETS... (MOSTLY EARNHARDT & JR. BUT HAVE SOME OTHERS TOO) SIMPLE RULES IN SIMPLE OLD YAHOO FORMAT....WIN THE LEAGUE, WIN A JACKET OF YOUR CHOICE PLAY THE...
  3. Pritzi

    How long does it take to change 1 Lug nut?

    Apparently, in NASCAR, it takes years ! Anyone know the actual status …a friend & I were talking about it.
  4. Pritzi

    My YouTube Algorithms

    I’m back & ready to kick butt in fantasy NASCAR 😉