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    2022 Schedule Being from the st.louis area; Im going to love to see the cup series come to madison. Truck races are cool, but this is going to be great! May be going to two races in a row. We already got our tickets for the coca cola...
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    IRacing vs. the real thing

    Hello all after watching the talledega race ive come to the conclusion that I would of been better of just going by the iracing results. It was something to see a keslowski win and a logano flip(roll) in both. So I looked at both the bristol dirt and talledega results in both the ir race and...
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    May be to late, but is anyone from the nashville area? Looking to go to the race on the june 20th if I can get decent price on tickets. This is my sons birthday also. Main nashville ticket site is on lock right now because i guess they are trying to determine how many tickets to sell because...