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    New Hampshire race thread...

    Stewart-Haas Racing will close at the end of the season, Gene Haas will remain part of both the NASCAR Cup and Xfinity Series divisions moving forward. Haas announced on Thursday that while three ownership charters will be sold, he is also keeping one and will remain in the Cup Series under the...
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    ALL STAR RACE - North Wilkesboro

    Ricky: "What was that?" Kyle: (Can't hear) Ricky: "Where?" Kyle: "Coming off of 2. You wrecked my ass off of 2." Ricky: "You hit the fence yourself. I didn't touch you." Kyle: "Really!?" Ricky: "Go back and watch the replay. I did not touch you. Not once." Kyle: "We all hit each other." Ricky...
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    Darlington race thread...

    FS1 is canceling its long-running daily show NASCAR Race Hub, surprising industry insiders and fans who’ve come to love the program. reported Fox Sports informed employees Wednesday that the final episode will air June 11. The show covered all the bases for NASCAR fans, from...
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    Kansas race thread...

    I'd bet on a rain out and race tomorrow.
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    Dover race thread...

    Bowman injury came from driving Larsons sprint car. Concussions, they basically were never talked about, they were just considered as part of the sport until Dale Jr made it a popular item after about his 5th one.
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    Talladega race thread...

    Only car to the rear after morning checks remains Larson (who has pass through as well).
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    Talladega race thread...

    When will the big wreck happen? Who will start it? I'm going with Stenhouse and he will manage to eliminate at least 2 of my picks. so they finish in the 25th-30th positions. The winner -- ?? I hope it's some one that's not eligible to be in the playoffs like SVG or Alfredo. :coffee:
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    Martinsville race thread...

    I'm glad he did;) Why is another question. I question a lot of pit stops.
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    Atlanta race thread

    A Mini Daytona- Another race on a super speed with the drafting. I may score 200 or what ever--Last night in the Xfinity race I only had 1 car running, but he did finish which was a positive. Good Luck All :coffee:
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    Daytona race thread

    At least I didn't have them as any of my starters.
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    Daytona race thread

    Updated schedule for today at Daytona: FOX 4-On-air 4:30-Daytona 500 green 65-65-70, 8 sets tires, fuel 42-45 FS1 Approx 9pm-FS1: Xfinity green 30-30-60, 4 sets tires, fuel 37-40 (will start about an hour after Daytona 500 ends) NWS: 60s, 50s late afternoon/night ... Rain: 20%
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    Driver groups are updated for 2024. C list looks brutal.

    I like the C group better than the B group-I can come up with 36 decent starts in the C group easier than 72 in the B group. The A group--to many in it for 36 starts. Just my opinion. Play the game, have fun and luck will prevail. I'm just happy to play.
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    2024 February Cup Schedule

    Clash at the Coliseum TV Schedule Saturday, February 3: 6:10pm ET FS1 NASCAR Cup Series Practice/Qualifying 8:30pm ET FS1 NASCAR Cup Series Heat Races Sunday, February 4: 4:30pm ET FS1NASCAR Mexico Series Race 6:40pm ET FOX NASCAR Cup Series LCQ 8:00pm ET FOX NASCAR Cup Series...
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    2024 February Cup Schedule

    NASCAR changes mind again: NASCAR opens grandstands for Saturday at The Clash “Hey race fans, we’ve heard you loud and clear,” Ben Kennedy opened in a social media video. “I am happy to announce that on Saturday, February 3rd at the LA Coliseum we’re going to opening our gates. Free to the...
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    2024 February Cup Schedule

    Three weeks before this year's Busch Light Clash at the Coliseum, NASCAR has announced a major change to the event format. Instead of being a one-day show as usual, the 2024 Clash will be held over two days, starting Saturday, February 3. However, only the last chance qualifier (LCQ) race and...
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    the 2023 Christmas music and movie extravaganza is here

    I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and may all of you have a great 2024 fantasy league.
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    Random thoughts...

    Only two cars are lacking official driver announcements for the 2024 NASCAR Cup Series season Recently, it was confirmed that Noah Gragson will move to Stewart-Haas Racing. That took one of the last open seats in the NASCAR Cup Series. View the 2024 NASCAR driver lineup below. Now, 34 of the...
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    the 2023 Christmas music and movie extravaganza is here

    =AT00rCaqwfDxCCGMgSJb_7XCNXT5iM5cxQ8XbOBC4QQBmNceE5YFlvP-eC6kq03oApJZJSOdd08XUw_Cx_w51ge73iOOEKIPuQ6Gnh-Lwpu8ZlNt_QGfL8-BiT-1zJ4wAevkhj3Em4OYEPJlocFxkYa8tkt2iyCjbujGjrFfihDYJY4bpvtV'] Shakin' Stevens - Merry Christmas Everyone (Official Video) [Directors Cut
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    Random thoughts...

    Elliot's Hooters paint scheme for 2024.
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    Random thoughts...

    NASCAR's wealthiest drivers of all time 1. Dale Earnhardt Jr. Net worth: $300 million 2. Jeff Gordon Net worth: $210 million 3. Jimmie Johnson Net worth: $170 million 4. Tony Stewart Net worth: $90 million 5. Kyle Busch Net worth: $80 million 6. Danica Patrick Net worth: $80 million 7...