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  1. DownFarce

    Daytona night race thread

    My thoughts on the race.........
  2. DownFarce

    Chicago street race thread

    No brainer:unsure: 53 years..Go to race then make plans to fly out of O'Hare to her choice of a destination:eek:(y)
  3. DownFarce

    Coke 600 race thread...

  4. DownFarce

    Darlington race thread...

    here is a car for CHASTAIN,,,,,,
  5. DownFarce

    Dover race thread...

    Once again the name synonymous with accidents at race tracks.... ROSS CHASTAIN
  6. DownFarce

    Adding drivers to the C list in my league

    how do I ad driver to C list?
  7. DownFarce

    Martinsville race thread...

    Hamlin will be good for a least one speeding penalty:ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
  8. DownFarce

    Bristol Dirt race thread...

    This maybe better:ROFLMAO:
  9. DownFarce

    Bristol Dirt race thread...

    For me, down and dirty. Demolition derby. There will be some hotheads and retribution will be in order
  10. DownFarce

    Auto Club race thread...

    Choose your picks wisely :unsure: No practice. Use your instincs or whatever turns you on:ROFLMAO: Couple of my picks are coming from way back in the pack. Not changing(y)
  11. DownFarce

    Auto Club race thread...

    Just did all my picks and took 5 minutes(y) Only playing 5 leagues. Kudos for all who worked and did such a great job on the game. Darren especially for all the hours you spent making it happen:D(y)
  12. DownFarce

    Auto Club race thread...

    How do I add a driver to a group for my league? :unsure:
  13. DownFarce

    Daytona race thread...

    Starting out well...picked 4 in SMASHITONIA..2-4-12-48:mad::ROFLMAO:lOT OF PARTS FOR THE NEXT RACE(y)
  14. DownFarce

    Daytona race thread...

  15. DownFarce

    Daytona race thread...

    Glad you're back. 11,221...I surrender:eek::ROFLMAO:
  16. DownFarce

    Daytona race thread...

    Anyone hear from BeerVO2
  17. DownFarce

    in what part of the continental U.S. are you located?

    in what part of the continental U.S. are you located?
  18. DownFarce

    Daytona race thread...

    clarification...partial lock and full lock are the same.time. Because of Daytona format? :unsure: Not even the first race and brain dead already:ROFLMAO:
  19. DownFarce

    Daytona race thread...

    ChevyZL1 Greyhound..good to have you back! (y) :cool:
  20. DownFarce

    Daytona race thread...

    Looking forward to this season!! New driver changes is going to make for an exciting season. by the way, they can do away with the clash:mad: It really sucked. No further comment needed.