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  1. shaqking

    $35 - Fast Class Racing #1426

    when is the payment due?
  2. shaqking

    $100 league looking for Crew Chiefs '24

    when is the payment due
  3. shaqking

    NASCAR CUP 2024

    when does the entry fee have to be in
  4. shaqking

    Homestead race thread...

    same thing for me. he has hurt me alot this year with his dnf.
  5. shaqking

    qualifying pts

    most of my rosters have the 54 and the 34. my rosters dont have no qualifying pts for them. the 54 is 4th and the 34 is 3rd and none of my rosters have no qualifying pts. does anyone else have this problem
  6. shaqking

    Pocono race thread...

    i'm going to put him on a couple of my teams that only maybe just 2
  7. shaqking

    Complete Season Standings points total?

    both are lucky dog leagues
  8. shaqking

    Complete Season Standings points total?

    some of my leagues im in the summer total is still not added up into the season pts total. I have emailed darren but he has done nothing to it yet.
  9. shaqking

    ddg trucks

    I am just wondering why has the last 2 races of the truck series points have not been added to the regular score yet.
  10. shaqking

    ddg league xfinity

    does anyone know what is wrong with ddg league xfinity? when I tried to look at my entries it only had up to richmond. I also tried to look at the standings it had only to word spring. Can someone else check it out for me please?
  11. shaqking

    unable to save entry

    it fixes thanks man
  12. shaqking

    unable to save entry

    I trying to save my entries for las vegas and it won't save. Is anyone else having any trouble? I tried to save my picks using 2 different browsers( firefox and google chrome) and it still won't save.
  13. shaqking

    where is Kyle going

    jr said that on the broadcast this afternoon. heard rumors of youtube he was going there.
  14. shaqking

    Richmond race thread...

    my league id number is 160 and my team name is harvickfolife.
  15. shaqking

    Richmond race thread...

    something happen to my lineup and it looks like this. Blaney in this league is in a but somehow he is in b, I have two harvicks that is in a, and the 17, 10 are my choices in c and they should be in b. My original starting lineup was 4,48,10 and 41. Here is screenshot of the lineup. What should...
  16. shaqking

    Michigan race thread...

    should have had jj start at the back period wtf!!!!!!!!
  17. shaqking

    Atlanta race thread...

    im in 9 money leagues and im not secure with none of my picks.
  18. shaqking

    Atlanta race thread...

    Practice might be washed out 100% chance of rain in the atlanta area.
  19. shaqking

    Scoring taking longer then usual?

    i just noticed that
  20. shaqking

    Wouters Racing League - 20+ years - $100 entry 100% payout

    how many players did you have in the league last year?