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2021 Atlanta Motor Speedway, Quaker State 400 presented by Walmart

Chase Elliott did it again. This time he came from the back of the pack to win at a road course again and he did it by pulling away after taking the lead on the final restart of the race at Road America. He had over a six second lead as the drivers headed into the final lap and cruised home from there for his seventh road course victory in twelve starts.


This week the series heads to the Atlanta Motor Speedway for the running of the Quaker State 400 presented by Walmart. This is another of the intermediate tracks on the circuit and the pressure is starting to mount for drivers who don’t have a win yet this season as we are only six races away from the start of the playoffs. If we get a new winner who isn’t in the top sixteen in points it takes away another spot for someone to get in on points.

Kyle Larson: Larson has been the driver to beat on almost every track other than the road courses lately. I have to give him the nod to win again this weekend. The issue I have is I’m starting to run out of starts for him and might want to save him for some tracks where I think he has a better chance of winning, so I might not have him in my lineup this week. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use him. It is all dependent on if you can use him unlimited times or if you have a lot of his starts left.

Martin Truex Jr.: Martin was the fastest driver on the intermediate tracks earlier this year, but has since cooled off a bit. He could turn it back on at any time. I don’t know if they have been experimenting a little bit to get ready for the playoffs or if they are just a bit out of sync right now. I can’t believe they could have made that big of changes that made him the person to beat to being a top ten driver on these tracks now.

Kevin Harvick: Kevin is one of those drivers who has a pretty good cushion to get into the playoffs on points without a win, but I’m sure that’s not how he wants to try and qualify. He has been very good at Atlanta lately with two wins in his last four starts and ten top ten finishes in his last eleven races at this track. This team just doesn’t seem to have the speed they need to compete with the Hendrick teams at this point of the season.

Denny Hamlin: Denny’s lone win at Atlanta came back in the 2012 season. He along with Kevin who were probably the top two drivers at this point in time last year is still looking for his first win of the season too. He is usually very good at this track also and has finished in the top five in three of his last four starts here. Once again he has a solid points cushion and should make the playoffs that way unless things really go south for him in the next six races.

Alex Bowman: Alex is really good on these intermediate tracks and won at Pocono a few weeks ago. He has three wins on the season and finished third here last season. We have seen that the Hendrick drivers seem to have more speed than all of the other teams although the Gibbs teams seem to be making some headway. Still, I think it’s a good idea to stick with some of the Hendrick drivers until they show vulnerability.

Chase Elliott: Wins on road courses, but doesn’t quite have what his teammates have on the intermediate tracks right now. I expect this to change quickly though. This team has so much confidence after last week’s win that they could carry that through this weekend and give the rest of the Hendrick drivers some competition this week too.

Kyle Busch: Kyle has been getting better every week and if he can win in the Xfinity series as much as he does he can win in the Cup series too. He did win at Kansas earlier this season which is a little bit like Atlanta. He has two career wins at Atlanta and has finished in the top ten in seven of his last nine starts there. This team could surprise at any time and go on a streak of winning.

Joey Logano: Don’t ask me what it is, but I just have this feeling that Joey is going to be fast this weekend and be a contender. There really isn’t anything in his stats that should make me think what I do. It’s just a feeling that I have. He has never won here, although he did finish second back in the 2013 season. Maybe it’s just that I need to make up some ground in my leagues and I want to take a shot at someone who I don’t think anyone else will have.

Aric Almirola: That feeling hit me again with Aric as he has run pretty well the last three races. Once again, there really isn’t anything in the stats that tells me he could run well this weekend and most of his finishes have been pretty dismal this year. He’s another driver I don’t think a lot of people will have on their rosters this week and could help you make up ground.

William Byron: William had his best finish here last season although he has only run four races at Atlanta. We know the Hendrick cars have the most speed and that gives them an advantage at a track like Atlanta. I’m think he is going to run in the top ten most of the day and could very well be a contender at the end of this race.


Driver Group Game Group A

  • Joey Logano

Driver Group Game Group B

  • Alex Bowman
  • Kyle Busch

Driver Group Game Group C

  • Ricky Stenhouse Jr.


  1. Kyle Larson
  2. Martin Truex Jr.
  3. Kyle Busch
  4. Denny Hamlin
  5. Alex Bowman

Dark Horse: Matt DiBenedetto

Stay Away From: Ross Chastain

Big 18: Joey Logano

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No Blaney? He won in March and has been pretty decent at Atl in his career. If you have 6 starts with Larson, left do you think that warrants a use here? My strategy has been save Larson but I know the object is to get as many points as possible.

If you compare the way each is running right now you have to go with Larson. I always say, if someone is hot use him now. It might not last through the end of the season.

Jeff I Really like that pick with the #22,Logano hasn’t been the hottest driver like the #5, but if we look at his finishes with the 550 areo package he has been really the best driver with overall best average finish.Seems to me he’s one of the best drivers to have in the draft and 550 hp areo package.Just me thoughts!!!👍

I beg to differ on 22.

Out of seven 550 hp races this year , 22 has only placed in the top 10 three times ( 2 of those at Pocano).

Conversely, the 22, along with 24, 5, and 4 have shown an top 10 average finish in the 750 hp package.

This weekend is the 550 package. 18, 5, 24, 4, (19???) are all good looks with the 550 package this weekend.

lol really? the 22 is LITERALLY the WORST A driver with the 550 package. and it’s not even close. there is literally ZERO reason to use logano as even a B driver this week.

1) i think A driver is a decision between truex and blaney.

2) yeah larson is winning on all kinds of tracks but he’s been DOMINANT on 1.5 miles tracks in particular, including the race here earlier this year. there. i’d use him here even if it was my last start with him.

3) don’t understand making chastain a stay away from. even though i’m using stenhouse this week, chastain has emerged as the clear best C driver.

Yeah Larson is just plain winning. I’ve saved him for this weekend, particularly.

Another lower scale guy to keep an eye on… 17 Chris Buscher.

Jeff’s top 5 are pretty spot on. I’d sub 48 for 24 and maybe switch 4 for 11 . ( by the way, when do Hamlin and Harvick join the win party???!!)

I encourage differences of opinion on this blog. It’s always good to have others perspectives on what they see. It can help people make better decisions for their particular team as we don’t all have the same number of starts left for drivers and sometimes drivers are in different groups in different leagues. Please keep posting!

agreed. no disrespect meant. even if i’m strong in my opinion. lol. and jeff i’m sure i speak for many in appreciating this weekly blog of your opinions.

also CRC, i agree with you on buescher. i’m probably starting him and dillon as B drivers. have to get good uses out of a lot of people – i moved kyle larson, kyle busch, and bowman to A drivers at the beginning of the year and blaney to a B driver.

I thought this was an advice blog. Looks more like a bunch of guys trying to argue with the owner all the time lol. But this is the world we live in now……negative and a bunch of know-it-alls! How about if you disagree with a pick you just dont say anything and pick who you want. Simple as that.

Joe, I was simply letting others know, including Bryan, that the 22 doesn’t have the stats this year to back up a solid 550 hp race this weekend.

I like Jeff’s picks, including a “ gut feeling” pick with a win-at-any-track guy like Logano. I’ll go as far as saying that (I think) the 22 will be in the final 2 come Phoenix in Nov.

Agree to disagree at times, cordially and respectfully. Jeff, thanks for your efforts and most weeks, your picks!

I get that it is an open forum and Jeff allows every opinion. He is a stand up guy. I will take my own advice and stop commenting and just step back and read. Have fun guys and good luck moving forward. I cant stand trolls like AJ and there is literally ZERO chance he will go away lol.

hey JoeB. i’m not trolling here. and even if i was here’s an idea: how about you stop being butthurt and mind your own business? take it or leave it. guess what… it won’t cost you a thing other than apparently your big baby tears. lol.

I encourage differences of opinion on this blog. It’s always good to have others perspectives on what they see. It can help people make better decisions for their particular team as we don’t all have the same number of starts left for drivers and sometimes drivers are in different groups in different leagues. Please keep posting!

What do you think of dillon this week? Might save one of my B guys. Top four guys I have 2 left for each. Was thinking about saving atleast 1 for each for the playoffs; but of course the could be cold by then. lol

Personally I’m probably going to run Austin Dillon. He’s been solid at Atlanta. I’m debating between him and Buescher. The 17 has some solid finishes from a pick conservation standpoint.

sounds like we are thinking alike. If I use my top four B. 5, 18, 24 and and 48. if i use them all now; they will all be gone in 4 races; of course picks will be different for daytona and probably the road courses.

He’s been running pretty good here with 4 top 15’s in his last 6 starts.

Is there ave results for drivers listed somewhere using the 550 vs 750 packages?

Can anyone else answer this? I’ve never seen it myself.

I haven’t seen a specific site that exclusively compares 750 / 550. I’ve gone old school and marked down each week what package they’re running at that week’s track, and have simply compared notes for optimal weekly picks ( especially this time of year).

If it helps Scott, look ahead to the horsepower they’re running each week, check out previous (same) horsepower races, and compare the top 10’s/ 15’s.

For example, this week is 550. Im looking back at previous 550’s ( Home, ATL 1, vegas, char, Pocano x2, kan) to determine this weekend’s ( and Mich) drivers.

Good luck!

For what it’s worth,I just love hearing from other people.I for sure come hear for Jeff’s opinions but hearing what other people think and Jeff commenting on them also is VERY helpful. Keep it up👍

That’s another tough call. Busch is running better now and Truex isn’t dominant like he was earlier in the season. I would probably use the driver who had more starts left.

I’m torn between Blaney and Byron this week, can you please sell me on one? I’m in a tight battle in fantasy and need a great points day today. Thanks for the help.

The 24, but it definitely depends on how many starts u have left with each driver.

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