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2019 Dover International Speedway, Gander RV 400

So, now we know that the changes to the aero package at Talladega and Daytona doesn’t really change the way the races play out at those tracks. It is still pack racing like we are used to seeing with the possibility of having a crash that will take out a lot of drivers at one time. I’m glad to see that most of you didn’t use drivers that you are going to use all of their starts for in last week’s fantasy lineups.


This week the series heads to the Dover International Speedway for the running of the Gander RV 400. This is a one-mile high banked concrete oval and is also known as The Monster Mile. This is another of my favorite venues to watch a race at. The racing seems to be fast paced with multiple grooves available for passing. Hopefully that will remain the same with the new larger spoiler on the cars.

Martin Truex Jr.: Martin is my pick to win this week’s race at the Monster Mile. He has qualified in the top three in his last five races here and finished in the top five in four of those races. He has also scored points in seven of the eight stages he has run here. The Toyota’s look as good as the Ford’s right now for speed and Martin has shown he knows how to get around this track.

Daniel Suarez: Daniel is my dark horse this week and I think everyone should have him on their roster. He has finished in the top ten in all four races he has run here and his team looks very good every week with Stewart-Haas Racing. I think he makes a run at a win this week and comes away with at least a top ten finish once again.

Chase Elliott: Chase has five top five finishes in his six career starts at Dover. After picking up a win at Talladega last week, this team has some momentum right now. He has been the best of all the Chevy drivers this season and we saw that the Hendrick teams found some more speed at Texas. If that speed holds, Chase will be a contender for back to back wins this weekend.

Jimmie Johnson: Jimmie is another of the Hendrick drivers that showed speed at Texas and has won an impressive eleven races at Dover. He should definitely be on your roster this week and then we can decide if we want to start him or sit him after qualifying and practice is over. This race is one of the races this team has a great chance at breaking back into the win column in.

Kyle Busch: Kyle should be on our radar each and every week. Not that we will have him on our roster, but we need to think about where we really want to use him. Looking at his stats at Dover I see that he runs very well here in the fall, but only average in the spring race. In the last five spring races at Dover, Kyle’s best finish is sixteenth and he finished worse than thirtieth in the other four races. Might want to leave him off our rosters this week.

Denny Hamlin: Denny has five top ten finishes in his last six starts at this track and will be looking for a little redemption this week after getting involved in an early crash at Talladega last week. Once again, this team is looking for nothing other than collecting playoff points and you get those by winning stages and races.

Kurt Busch: Kurt finished fifth in both of the races here last season and has looked very good this season with his new Chip Ganassi team. I think he is going to be competitive once again this week and this team will eventually win a race this sometime this season. Could this be the week for him?

Kevin Harvick: Kevin won this race last year and won all four stages here in both of the races. They are still looking for their first win of the season and this is one of the tracks where they should have a good chance of picking that up. The only concern I have with him is his pit crew seems to make a lot of mistakes and that costs him a lot of spots on the track. On the other hand, he has lead more laps than any other driver at this track over the past two seasons.

Brad Keselowski: Brad has lead laps in the last three races he has run here and scored stage points in all six of the stages run in those races. We know how fast the Penske teams have all been this season and that is another advantage he will have this weekend. My concern with him is that they know they already are in the playoffs and will have a different strategy to try and get themselves the win to collect playoff points. That can backfire on them and they might not have the finish we are looking for.

Clint Bowyer: Clint finished second in this race last year and has finished in the top ten in over half of his twenty-six career starts at Dover. These guys have shown a lot of improvement in Clint’s third season with Stewart-Haas Racing. I look for him to run with the leaders for most of the day and to come away with at least another top ten finish this weekend.


Driver Group Game Group A

  • Martin Truex Jr.
  • Kevin Harvick

Driver Group Game Group B

  • Daniel Suarez
  • Kurt Busch
  • Jimmie Johnson
  • Clint Bowyer

Driver Group Game Group C

  • Matt DiBenedetto
  • Chris Buescher


  1. Martin Truex Jr.
  2. Kevin Harvick
  3. Chase Elliott
  4. Daniel Suarez
  5. Jimmie Johnson

Dark Horse: Daniel Suarez

Stay Away From: Ricky Stenhouse Jr.

Big 18: Jimmie Johnson

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Jeff I’m looking at these drivers this week…
19 41 11 9 48 & either the 20 or 42 in the garage…. The 42 has the better average here & a type of track he excels on If bad luck doesn’t bite him as it has been! the 19 this will be my 4th use on the other starters my 2nd or 3rd use on… the 42 i have used twice in 1 of my leagues & 3 times in the other 2 leagues… the 20 I’ve used once in 2 leagues & 0 in the other… if this were to be your lineup & uses, would you choose the 42 or the 20? As always thanks for your input!!

I need either the 48 or 41, based on who will have the best finish at both stages and the final. Thanks! First year using your site, love it!!!

This is a tough call right now. Jimmie is the king of Dover, but hasn’t run that well yet this year. Suarez has been running good and has finished in the top ten in his four Dover races. I’m going with my gut and saying Jimmie runs well this weekend.

Newman could be good here. Stenhouse has shown some speed this year and Newman used to run well at Dover.

Hey Jeff, I can’t win my league to save my life. Even new guys are beating me. What can I do? I’m thinking about Larson this week to save starts for the other guys you like. Any red flags?

That is the problem with fantasy racing. You never know when a penalty, accident, or mechanical failure is going to get your drivers. Larson hasn’t done much at all this year, but if you want to take a chance on him, go for it.

Hey Jeff, I run a league where you get to pick 7 cars and I only count your top 5 finishers and no limits on how many times you can pick a number. I’m looking at these numbers and was wondering which 2 you think I should delete?

This is just going to be a guess the way qualifying has been going this year. 4

Thoughts on 21? Not a good history at Dover, but has been pretty good on the shorter tracks this year.

More like a huge Dover than a flat short track. Not too impressed with him.

I have to go with the 42 this week. Fastest in 10 lap runs in the final practice. Good all weekend.

I have to go with the 42 this week. Fastest in 10 lap runs in the final practice. Good all weekend.

Elliott and Truex both leagues,
Leaning toward Truex
Johnson. Bench. Busch
Suarez. Bowyer
Dillon. Dibenedetto
Hamlin. Busch
Suarez. Bowyer
Dillon. Dibenedetto

Your thoughts?

The 48 or 10? I have the same uses left for both.

I am concerned with the 48s long run lap averages so far.

Go with Johnson. This is one of his best tracks. You can use Almirola almost anywhere all season.

Truex or ky Busch – used Truex a few, only use Busch once
Bowyer, Suarez, A. Dillon, Jones (pick 2) – multiple uses Bowyer/Jones, none yet for Suarez/Dillon
Preece or Hemric – mult Hemric, none Preece
Long time reader, always interested to hear ur input! Very much appreciated! Thank you for taking the time 2 do what u do!

Lost ground last week. Nee to try and pick some of it up. Jeff, would you switch out harvick or ky busch and put in truex. Also, right now I go elliott and hamlin. Would you take out either of these and put in jimmy johnson. Thanks.

Truex sent to the back. You still like him to win? Replace him with Larson?

Jeff you were spot on for this week in Dover, great picks and info.So let’s see if you can stay hot and gettem correct for Kansas nextweek, The #4 & #19 maybe who im looking at

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