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2019 Bristol Motor Speedway, Bass Pro Shops NRA Night Race

Tough race for us fantasy fans when fuel mileage eliminates your drivers from contention, but that is part of racing. That is something no one can predict and as fantasy players this is where luck comes into play. So, congratulations to Kevin Harvick who picked up his second win of the season and five playoff points. He was one of the fastest cars all weekend and the big thing here is they won on an intermediate track as we get closer to the playoffs.


This week the series heads back to the Bristol Motor Speedway and the running of the Bass Pro Shops NRA Night Race. I think there is the possibility of some very exciting and entertaining racing this weekend as we get that much closer to the playoffs and the bubble teams are all still fighting for the final few spots in those playoffs. A win is what everyone close to the bubble is looking for because if someone not in the top sixteen wins a race that hasn’t yet this year then there will be one less spot to fight for on points.

Kyle Busch: Kyle has won three of the last four races here, so why shouldn’t he win again this week? His last two finishes weren’t even close to what he expects and this week he is expecting to win again. With his confidence and driving ability he is going to have to have some type of problem to not win this race.

Kyle Larson: This is my dark horse this week and he is the driver that can help you make a move in your league. He looked really good at Michigan last weekend coming away with a third place finish and he has been very good at Bristol lately. In fact he finished second in both races here last season and I think his luck is starting to change. I look for him to have a fast car and be in contention throughout this week’s race.

Kurt Busch: Kurt won this race last year and finished second here in April. They were having a great run at Michigan last week until they ran out of gas on the final lap and now this is one of their best chances to get some more playoff points in the next few races. This might end up being another classic brother verses brother finish that makes most fans want to keep watching.

Joey Logano: After a disappointing finish at Michigan last week when they had to stop for fuel with just a few laps left in the race this team is going to be looking for a little redemption and to try and wrestle the regular season points lead away from Kyle Busch. Joey has seven top ten finishes in his last eight starts here and should be good once again this weekend.

Ryan Blaney: Another of the Penske drivers who was disappointed with their finish last week because of fuel issues, Ryan has run very well at Bristol recently and will be looking to win his first race of the season and gain some playoff points. Ryan has lead at least one-hundred laps in each of his last three starts at Bristol and if you can lead that many laps here you can dominate an entire race. Look for him to be a contender once again this weekend.

Jimmie Johnson: With eight top ten finishes in his last ten races at this track, Jimmie might have his best shot at winning a race this year and making the playoffs this weekend. Right now they are in a battle for the final playoff spot and a win would guarantee them a spot. This is one of those drivers you are going to see be very aggressive this weekend to try and win this race.

Erik Jones. Two years ago Erik lead more than half of the fall race at Bristol and finished second. He has shown a lot of speed this year and a lot of ability to get the job done at all types of tracks. This could be the week that they break through into the win column for this year and gain some momentum heading into the playoffs.

Clint Bowyer: With six top ten finishes in his last eight starts at Bristol and a bit of a chip on his shoulder, Clint is another driver who will do whatever he can to pick up the win this weekend and get those five extra playoff points. This is the type of track where Clint has been his best no matter who he was driving for throughout his career. I think he could make this race interesting.

Ryan Newman: Ryan is another of the drivers who is close to the bubble and this is one of his best tracks. He has three top ten finishes in his last four starts here and isn’t afraid to mix it up a little bit on this track if someone starts it. He is one of the hardest drivers to pass each and every week and he won’t make it easy this week at Bristol for any driver who wants to get by him.

Kevin Harvick: With seven top ten finishes in his last eight races at Bristol and momentum on his side from his win last week at Michigan, Kevin might be ready to win back to back races once again. They have to feel much better at this point of the season now that they got a win on an intermediate track and would love to grab some more playoff points. Look for them to have another good car this weekend.


Driver Group Game Group A

  • Kyle Busch
  • Kyle Larson

Driver Group Game Group B

  • Ryan Blaney
  • Clint Bowyer
  • Jimmie Johnson
  • Ryan Newman

Driver Group Game Group C

  • Matt DiBenedetto
  • Ty Dillon


  1. Kyle Busch
  2. Kyle Larson
  3. Clint Bowyer
  4. Ryan Blaney
  5. Joey Logano

Dark Horse: Kyle Larson

Stay Away From: Aric Almirola

Big 18: Kyle Larson

27 replies on “2019 Bristol Motor Speedway, Bass Pro Shops NRA Night Race”

No Stenhouse in the mix? I’m wondering who we might lose in the race with everyone trying so hard for those precious points leaving the door wide open?

Yes, Stenhouse is pretty good here. There are a few others you might consider too, like Suarez and Dillon.

with DiBenedetto looking for a new ride for next season and his current season yielding some top 10′ and 5’s do you see him as potential this race?

I have him on my roster and he finished 12th here in April, so he has a chance at another top fifteen finish this week.

If I had either of these drivers on my roster I would consider starting them tonight, but I don’t have them. They both looked good in the first practice, but Busch fell off quite a bit in the final practice. Jones was good in both practices, so him I would start.

Right now have 22,1,20,95….Only 2 start left with Kurt. Could go with either the 12 or 6. Should I slide Kurt out and go with the 12?

I would. I just have this bad feeling about Kurt tonight. Call it a gut instinct. I’d go with Blaney.

Who would you start between Kyle Busch and Joey Logano? From B’s I have Blaney, Bowyer, Kurt Busch, and Ryan Newman. Which two do you like of the four?

My 2 cents….

All are contenders, but I see it like this

Logano, Blaney, Ku Busch.

Joey was really good in practice with 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 & 30 lap averages.
*Kyle, doesn’t need to show me that because of his great average finish here. Also, throw out his bad qualifying spot because he got the worst draw…1st.

Blaney has shown speed here and his last two races here has me starting him
Ku Busch hasn’t shown much in practice, but I just cannot keep him out of my lineup. Note: Jeff has stated keep Ku Busch out up above in his reply.
Bowyer has had a bad streak. This may be the track that he needs, but and I’m keeping him on the bench.
Newman could be a better pick if you feel like it. He’ll be in the top 15 at the end.

Well good luck whomever you choose.

Thanks bud! I use the nascar app and this isnt there. So I guess i need to hit the website up more for better info.

My 2 cents…

22, 12, 6 and 95

Hard not to take Larson, but my pick is the 22.

Best of luck…

My 2 cents…

22, 12, 6 and 95

Hard not to take Larson, but my pick is the 22.

Best of luck…

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