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2017 Homestead-Miami Speedway, Ford EcoBoost 400

Another dramatic race is in the books as we head to championship weekend. Congratulations to Matt Kenseth on winning his first race of the season in what might be his last season in the sport. Chase Elliott came oh so close once again and almost made the championship race in his rookie season. Denny Hamlin has nothing to complain about with the way Chase raced him on Sunday. Hamlin did the same exact thing to Chase at Martinsville and he got back what he dished out first.


So, we head to Homestead-Miami Speedway, where Martin Truex Jr., Kyle Busch, Kevin Harvick, and Brad Keselowski will fight for a championship. This is another of the mile-and-a-half tracks on the circuit and is very similar to the Las Vegas Speedway with its variable banking in the corners. This is going to be another fun race to watch no matter if your favorite driver is in contention or not. Hopefully none of the contenders have mechanical issues that take them out of this race and we all get to see great racing to the checkered flag and the crowning of this year’s champion.

Martin Truex Jr.: Martin has to be the odds on favorite to win the championship this season because of the way he has run on these mile-and-a-half tracks. He has won six races on these tracks this year including the race at Las Vegas. That doesn’t mean no one else has a chance this weekend. It just means none of the other contenders can make any mistakes is they want to beat Martin. On the other hand, Martin hasn’t had a top ten finish here the last three years, but he does have seven top ten finishes in his twelve career starts at this track.

Kevin Harvick: I didn’t think Kevin could do it this year as the team seemed to have lost some speed on this type of track. That is until he won the race at Texas a couple of weeks ago. Now I think he has a better shot than Kyle Busch to win the second championship of his career. He is probably the most consistent driver here with eight top five and fourteen top ten finishes in sixteen starts. I think it is going to come down to Kevin and Martin this week.

Kyle Busch: Let’s not count out Kyle. He has four top ten finishes in his last five races here including his win two years ago for his first championship. That tells you this guy knows how to get around this track too. The question for this team seems to be if they can make the right adjustments to the car with the changing track conditions and if they can avoid costly mistakes on pit road. Kyle also needs to have a little patience early in the race so he can stay in the hunt towards the end.

Brad Keselowski: Right now I give Brad the smallest chance to pull this off. He and teammate Joey Logano just haven’t shown they have the speed it takes to win races on the intermediate tracks towards the end of this season. However, if you look at what Ryan Blaney has done this season, he has shown that there is speed in these engines on these tracks and Ryan runs the same engine as the Penske teams as they have formed an alliance together this year. And, Brad has finished in the top six in three of his last four races and started in the top five in five of his last six starts here.

Chase Elliott: I still think Chase has a shot to win a race this year, and that means he has to win this weekend. This team has come so close so many times and when they do win their first race they might go on a tear. Chase finished eleventh in his only start at this track last year and would love nothing more than to win in his final race of the season and build up some momentum and confidence for next season.

Kyle Larson: Four straight DNF’s doesn’t look very good for this team as the season comes to a close. He had one of the fastest cars at Phoenix once again last weekend and then he lost another engine less than halfway through that race. Still, if you have a start left with him don’t be afraid to use it. Kyle has finished in the top five in his last two starts including a runner-up finish here last year. Maybe they are doing some engine testing for next year, but you can’t really worry about that if he is one of your best choices you have left.

Denny Hamlin: Denny’s season isn’t going to end the way he was hoping it would, but he could still win another race and think about what might have been. He has two career wins at this track and has finished in the top ten in his last four starts here. This team has really come on at the right time this year and all he needed to do was let Chase get by him last weekend and he would be in the championship. But, at the time he thought Chase might win the race if he let him by and then he would have been out anyway.

Matt Kenseth: If Matt can win back to back races at the end of this year he might not take a hiatus from the sport next year. I’m sure if he wins another race someone with a top tier team is going to try and sign him to a contract as he is still one of the most consistent drivers on the circuit. Matt has one win and nine top ten finishes in his seventeen starts at this track and will run this race like it is the last of his career.

Ryan Blaney: Ryan just didn’t have a car with long run potential last weekend at Phoenix which is what he would have needed to win that race and get himself into the championship. However, as I stated before, Ryan has been fast on the intermediate tracks all season and this is another of those places where he should be able to run towards the front for most of the race. He hasn’t run the best here in his first two starts, but he is getting better and so is this team. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him come away with another top five finish on the year.


Yahoo Driver Group A

  • Martin Truex Jr.
  • Kevin Harvick

Yahoo Driver Group B

  • Chase Elliott
  • Ryan Blaney
  • Ricky Stenhouse Jr.
  • Jamie McMurray

Yahoo Driver Group C

  • Ty Dillon
  • Michael McDowell


  1. Martin Truex Jr.
  2. Kevin Harvick
  3. Kyle Busch
  4. Denny Hamlin
  5. Chase Elliott

Dark Horse: Ryan Blaney

Stay Away From: Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Big 18: Daniel Suarez

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Thanks for the input all year! I hit 10k points in both Live and Yahoo this year! My last team consists of:

Start: 78, 24, 42, 77
Bench: 4, 41, 31, 95

I’m heading to Miami Friday morning to watch all three races this weekend! Have a great off season! I’ll be pulling for 78!


I’m thankful for you also Jeff, and using the same line up as DMV, except no start’s left for the 41,1,14,21

start 78, 24,42, 77, with bench 4, 31,17, 95

DMV, I think you’re going to see a race you’re going to remember…enjoy.


Thanks! Your line up looks awesome! I am looking forward to the races. I was fortunate enough to go to Daytona 500, both Richmond, and both Dover races this year. Should be a good weeken! Good luck.



Lineup no for sure decisions on starters yet: 78, 4, 42, 24, 1, 31, 77, 13 (14 is a possibility but not thinking of putting him in the lineup), Tentative starters: 78, 24, 1, 77, why not 42 despite Jeff’s advice of don’t worry about the 4 previous DNFs I can’t ignore and haven’t ignored. It’s a close enough points race that I can’t put it all on a guy who quits. It is a known fact that not all “Blown” engines are not always the engines fault and that drivers have been known to blow a motor when they don’t want to race that day. Martinsville spins himself (even pointed out by color commentator), Texas wrecks all by himself. Out of 18, 21, 41

Not much more anybody could say to sway you … myself I’m going to swing for the fence, but I don’t have a 1 or 14, and I have comfortable lead in my league… thanks to the free tools on this site and others.

I would still have 42 for qualifying points. I think the 1. and 24 will do well for you … guessing 14 would be better choice than the 31.

The 42 has consistently said Homestead is his best track. I would like to think he’s going to do his best to win…to say, ” look, if I would have made it to final 4, I would be the champion”.

42 will hug the wall and dominate the race. It’s his favorite track and will prove a point for next year and get some momentum. Go with 42!!! 42 team could have been doing RnD last couple of races.

Championship!!!! In my league 10200+ points. I went against my intuition and it paid off. I started the 42 and boy did it pay off. 343 this last week. Feeling pretty good. My last championship was 8 years ago. Thanks Fantasy Racing Cheatsheet!!!!

thank you again for the past three years invaluable info i just keep hoping no one else in my league will fine you came in first second first the last three years thanks hope to follow you next year

Thanks for all your insight this year. I am in first place on my private league. Over 10,000 points .

Thanks for your advice this season. It has helped me win my league (I only need 29 points to clench), and I’m now over 10,000 points. I’m also beating Fantasy Chad, who fibs about his success.

In a pick 3 and need to make up some points. 1 out of 1-6, 1 out of 7-12, then the field. Thoughts are 4/42/77… Anything better for good chance at making up some ground?

just short of 10k this year but had a rough string of luck at times. Thanks for a great year ! I cant wait to see the A,B and C drivers next year.

I’m out of 24, 21,1, and 41. Who the heck do I start in B list this week? I have a 165 point lead for the championship but don’t wanna blow it!

Whoops, I still like the 42 this week. I used his last start for myself last week. Yep he should be on the top of the list here.

Thank you for your wonderful page this year! I’m currently in First this quarter in my yahoo league because of you! By 10 pts! Do you do football? Lol

Toss up. Go with McDowell, he was a bit faster in practice and is starting farther up in the field.

Jeff- Awesome column all season long.

Need some input on B drivers; can only start two of the following four: 24, 14, 42, 21

What do you think? I’m worried the 24 might get wrecked by the 11.

Thanks so much Jeff. Keep up the great work. I am 15 points behind, need my C driver to come up big! I’ve got Kyle Busch and my opponent will likely start Truex. Hope to take the title. Thanks again.

Hi, found this site a little late in the season. i’m tied for 1st :)… I have 31,48, 88 to pick from… the 48 scares me after his last few races… do I use him???

Hi Jeff, who would you start for the race this week?
Thank you for all of the advice throughout this season, it’s greatly appreciated.



TY Dillon

Thank you,
Paul K.

Hey Jeff,

Thanks for all your help this season. Super clutch as usual. Only 34 point lead in my league. Need help with my B drivers. I’ve got 1, 41, 17, and 31. Which two would you pick??

78, 21, for sure. Got the 14, 1, 31 for my second b driver. Got the 95 and 13 for c. Leaning 95. 49 points out of first place. Solidly in second by 294 points. Guy in first has 18, 4, 17, 3, 31, 5, 13, 95. I’m guessing he’s going 18, 17, 31(?)13(?). Suggestions for my second b driver and c driver.

Jeff help!! I just read on Yahoo!’s racing site that they will not be offering their fantasy game in 2018. “Say it ain’t so!!” Do you know why? What are some alternatives for next year? I don’t like Fox fantasy and I’m not crazy about the NASCAR fantasy Live. Are there any other choices out there? Can someone offer a customized league? Is it possible that someone else will pick up the Yahoo fantasy racing format? Help!!!!!’ I’m the Commissioner of my league and need some guidance.

There is nothing I can personally do about it. I can only suggest that if enough people ask, they might reconsider. Otherwise we will find a new game to play.

There is nothing I can personally do about it. I can only suggest that if enough people ask, they might reconsider. Otherwise we will find a new game to play.

there doesnt seem to be a place to approarch yahoo? if you know , pleases let use know utherwise I quess well have to use nascr live next year?

Yahoo is not running a fantasy racing game this year. Looks like NASCAR Live will be the game of choice.

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